Zane's Shuckle was caught by Trainer Zane during the Pokémon Catching Competition, which is a set competition made specifically to allow both skilled/unskilled Trainers a chance to vastly expand their collection of Pokémon.


Zane's Shuckle

Background Edit

Shuckle was caught the casual way, meaning that there is no history to their relationship. Zane's Shuckle is one of fourteen Pokémon that was caught by Zane during the competition.

Shuckle, along with the listed Pokémon, were caught by Trainer Zane during the Pokémon Catching Competition:

Attacks Edit

  • Constrict
  • Rollout
  • Protect
  • Bind

First Appearance Edit

Shuckle made it's first appearance in:

Episode Nine: The Pokémon Catching Competition

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