Zane's Sewaddle

Zane's Sewaddle is the first wild Pokémon that Zane has caught since starting his journey. Sewaddle mostly sleeps in its Pokéball like all other Pokémon.

Background Edit

Sewaddle was captured by Pokémon Trainer Zane during his walk through the forest on his first day of his journey. Sewaddle fought as hard as it could, but it was defeated by his Axew and caught by Zane himself.

Attacks Edit

  • Tackle
  • String Shot
  • Double Team

First Appearance Edit

Sewaddle appeared in:

It's a PokéWonderful World!

Evolution (Swadloon) Edit

Swadloon anime

Zane's Swadloon

After being Zane's first wild Pokémon catch, Sewaddle was due for evolving at anytime now. That happened after an encounter with a wild Blitzle (that Zane managed to capture afterward). Zane's Sewaddle had finally evolved into Swadloon, Sewaddle's second evolutionary form. It was later confirmed female.

Zane's Sewaddle evolved in the episode: Episode Eight: An Evolution Solution!

Personality Edit

Swadloon is reliable in battle; she often gets jealous of Zane's Vanillite resulting them to have a rivalry feud. But she is really helpful to Zane by shielding him, and also helping Liam fix Teddiursa's wounds.

Attacks Edit

Evolution (Leavanny) Edit

EP736 Leavanny contento

Zane's Leavanny

In Episode Twenty-seven: Turning Over A New Leavanny!, after being jealous of Liam's Vanillite being a female, and didn't realize that Zane's Vanillite she was fighting in an argument was a male, she got very embarrassed but however she was found by Zane with the other group he was in, due to everyone being separated after escaping a horde of rampaging Ursaring. After everyone was reunited, Swadloon shielded Zane and took the hit from Ursaring's Hyper Beam, allowing her to evolve into her final form: Leavanny. She learned Leaf Blade, X-Scissor and Steel Wing in the process. Zane apologized to Leavanny for being selfish to her, and Leavanny was also sorry for being jealous. Liam stopped the fight between her and the Ursaring, and told that a Teddiursa was severely injured, and Liam treated its wounds and as a result, Teddiursa joined Liam's team.

Personality Edit

Leavanny is kindhearted and a bit of a fashion designer; she is emotional which was shown in Episode Twenty-seven: Turning Over A New Leavanny! where she was apologizing to Zane for being jealous about Zane's Vanillite. She was later shown to be a caretaker which occurred when she was watching over Zane's Vanillite.

Attacks Edit

  • Return
  • Leaf Blade
  • X-Scissor
  • Steel Wing

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