Zane's Oshawott

Zane's Oshawott is the starting Pokémon that Zane received from Professor Brooks back in his laboratory.

Background Edit

Oshawott was the first Pokémon that Zane received as a starting trainer. Oshawott is, besides Axew, the Pokémon that has spent the most time with Zane since starting his journey. Zane and Oshawott care for each other and have a special bond because they were the first to met each other and become partners.

Attacks Edit

  • Water Pulse
  • Aqua Jet
  • Surf

First Appearance Edit

Oshawott first appeared in: It's a PokéWonderful World

Trivia Edit

  • This Pokémon has spent 13 episodes as an Oshawott.

Evolution (Dewott) Edit

20130718185714!Cadbury Caesar

Zane's Dewott

In Episode Thirteen: A Wavering Moon Gym!, Zane's Oshawott finally evolved into its second evolution form: Dewott. Dewott is as loyal to Zane as it was when it was only Oshawott. Dewott will protect Zane and his friends until it can no longer stand.

Background Edit

Since its evolution to Dewott, it has become a vital member of the team, despite defeating Paula's Slugma, it fell to Flareon's Hyper Beam.

Attacks Edit

  • Razor Shell
  • Water Gun
  • Water Pulse
  • Aqua Jet
  • Ice Beam

Trivia Edit

This Pokémon has spent 29 episodes as a Dewott.

Evolution (Samurott) Edit

Kotetsu Samurott Megahorn

Zane's Samurott

In the preview of "Episode Forty-two: Dueling The Samurott!", Dewott will evolve into Samurott while battling the Gym Leader's Weavile. It also shows Torrent activating and knowing Megahorn.

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