Zane's Electrike was caught by Trainer Zane during the Pokémon Catching Competition. The details of the battle are unknown, but Zane knows that his Pokémon fought hard to defeat this feisty, stubborn Pokémon.


Zane's Electrike

Background Edit

(No notable history available)

Attacks Edit

  • Electro Ball
  • Thunderbolt

First Appearance Edit

Electrike first appeared in:

Episode Ten: A Stunning Team Match-up!

Evolution (Manectric) Edit

Zane's Electrike evolved after being badly beaten down by Amy's Aggron during their impromptu battle.

Attacks Edit

  • Thunderbolt
  • Wild Charge
  • Electro Ball
  • Thunder Fang

Zane's Manectric

First Appearance Edit

Manectric made its first appearance in:

Episode Sixteen: Zane and the Missing Pokémon!

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