Zane's Cyndaquil

Zane's Cyndaquil became the third wild Pokémon that Zane caught during his journey.

Background Edit

Cyndaquil became Zane's Pokémon after saving him from a rampaging Cranidos at Baker's Peak. Cranidos had bullied his way to the top of Baker's Peak and violently kicked all of the baby Cyndaquil off of their home. After being defeated and caught by the Cyndaquil that Zane ordered, Cranidos joined Zane as his Pokémon, too.

In Episode Twenty-five: Luvdisc At First Sight!, It was summoned by Liam's Minun, and told her that Minun was going to teach it Wild Charge, and in the same episode she was confirmed female when Luvdisc's Attract failed to work on Cyndaquil, and left an opening for Cyndaquil to attack Luvdisc with her newly-learned Wild Charge.

Attacks Edit

First Appearance Edit

Cyndaquil appeared in:

Episode One: The Brawl at Baker's Point!

Evolution (Quilava) Edit

Zane's Quilava

Zane's Quilava

In Episode Twenty-six: Tripping On Quilava!, Cyndaquil went off to gather berries along with Minun, until they got surrounded by a horde of Vanillite and in the process, she evolved into Quilava while trying to defend Liam's Minun and learned Eruption and Fire Pledge.

Attacks Edit

  • Flamethrower
  • Wild Charge
  • Eruption (learned it after evolving)
  • Fire Pledge (learned it after evolving)
  • Flare Blitz


Evolution (Typhlosion) Edit

Typhlosion anime

Zane's Typhlosion

Shown in the Opening, Quilava will evolve into her final form, Typhlosion in a future episode.