This is the sequel of: Pocket Monsters: Forever Frontier

Heroes CastEdit

Sign-Ups are like this:

Professor Sandstone(has the storage Pokemon) - TrentFan

Professor Randall(Piplup, Chimchar, and Turtwig) - LIG

Now you try!

Ditzy - TrentFan

Liam(has Electrode, Gardevoir & Zweilous))(the rest of them are in the storage) - LIG

Max - LIG (Ralts)

Charlie(has a Zoruark (nicknamed Paul), and Houndoom (nicknamed Eddy) - NZ Man123

Gym LeadersEdit


Burnburn City

Type: Fire

Magma Badge


Eterna City

Type: Grass

Forest Badge


Heartwarm City

Type: Electric

Strategy Badge


Wobbuffet Village

Type: Wobbuffet and Wynaut

Wobbuffet Badge


Veilstone City

Type: Psychic

Psybeam Badge


Celestia Town

Type: Poison

Scorpion Badge


Snowpoint City

Type: Ice

Icicle Badge


Loyal Town

Type: Multi

Loyalty Badge


Dawnscope Town

Jubilife City

Burnburn City

Neighborly Town

Arrowroot City

Superestia Town

Eterna City

Bewilder Forest

Heartwarm City

Wobbuffet Village

Solaceon City

Daybreak Town

Veilstone City

Camelia Town

Celestia Town

Morony City

Majolica Town

Snowpoint City

Resort Area

Loyal Town

Frontier Lakeside

Pokemon League

Crown City

Episode 1 - What a Ditzy Move!Edit

(Preview: Liam gets off a ferry, alone after Luke stayed back in Forever and is called by Professor Sandstone's friend, Professor Randall who wants to give Liam a Pokemon. Max and his only Pokemon, Ralts meet Liam and join his journey. They soon meet a clumsy girl named Ditzy who nearly trips over the two. She apologizes and is forgiven. Ditzy also joins Liam's group and the three arrive at Randall's Place, where Ditzy will be getting her first Pokemon and Liam will be getting a gift Pokemon.)

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