Cast of Characters(added a few extras for you guys to join)Edit

32 students are trapped inside the pokemon world with negi

Negi Springfield(a sorcerer, and english teacher)-LIG

Chamo-LIG(he's an ermine)

01 Sayo Aisaka(a friendly ghost)-LIG

04 Yue Ayase-LIG

24 Satomi Hakase-LIG

34 Liam Kitson-LIG

31 Zazie Rainyday-LIG

29 Ayaka Yukihiro-LIG

27 Nodoka Miyazaki-LIG(Pokemon on Team: Ralts(Female), Timd Nature)

26 Evangeline A.K. McDowell(a vampire)-LIG

19 Lingshen Chao-LIG

10 Chachamaru Karakuri(part robot, part human)-LIG

13 Konoka Konoe-LIG

16 Makie Sasaki-LIG

14 Haruna Saotome-INDF

15 Setsuna Sakurazaki-INDF

22 Fuka Narutaki-LIG

03 Kazumi Asakura-INDF

08 Asuna Kagurazaka-INDF

23 Fumika Narutaki-LIG

09 Kasuga Misora-TrentFan

07 Kakizaki Misa-TrentFan

11 Madoka Kugimiya-TrentFan

17 Sakurako Shiina-TrentFan

30 Satsuki Yotsuba-TrentFan

25 Chisame Hasegawa(aka. net idol Chiu)-TrentFan

33. Red-TrentFan

02 Yūna Akashi-

20 Kaede Nagase(shes a ninja)-INDF

12 Fei Ku-INDF

05 Ako Izumi-

06 Akira Okochi-

18 Mana Tatsumiya-

21 Chizuru Naba-

28 Natsumi Murakami-

32 Anya(negi's childhood friend)-

(we can be all these characters now since noboday using them)

Episode 1 - What Are These Mysterious Pokemon Creatures?Edit

Negi: Urgh..where are we?

Nodoka: *who is in rare card mode* I b-believe this is the pokemon world *poof, her time runs out* and i'm exhausted.

Yue: *who is drinking her wierd drink, sarcastically* No kidding!

???: jiggly!

Negi,Nodoka,Asuna,Yue,Sayo: huh?

Jigglypuff: *with her microphone* jigglypuff!

Ayaka: Its cute and adorable! Even though i'm the class representative, if i do say so myself!

Lingshen: I wouldn't say that, Ayaka!

Ayaka: Why not?

Satomi: Because it's likely going to sing!

Negi: That's odd, she's got a microphone!

Jigglypuff: *starts to sing*

Nodoka: *first to get drowsy* Am i-i F-fainting, Yue?

Yue: *is drowsy* No, Nodoka. You're getting drowsy & sleepy, like I am! *falls asleep*

Nodoka: *is drowsy* Y-you're right *falls asleep, along with negi, who is falling asleep*

Lingshen: *is drowsy* I hate to tell you so but...

Satomi: *is drowsy* ...I told you so! *she & lingshen falls asleep simultaneously*

Jigglypuff: *stops singing* jiggly? *sees everyone in class 3-A who are asleep, she gets mad & puffs up, and turns her microphone into a marker*

(5 minutes later)

Negi: *wakes up, who has swirls in his cheeks and a star on his left eye* Ugh...what happened?

Yue: Uh...Negi?

Satsuki: Ugh....

Nodoka: *is embarrassed when she sees negi with scribbles over*

Sayo: *wales up also* What just happened to us, huh, wierd, look at your faces everybody!

Negi: Okay, Sayo! *looks at his face* Aaaugh!!

Yue: *in scrbbles on her face* why I am not surprised!

Negi: Look at you face satsuki!

Satsuki: *wips face off* It must have been that pink thing.

Negi: pink thing? have you read all about jigglypuff, satsuki?

Nodoka: Aaauugh! I got drawn on too!

Sayo: *has scribbles too* She got me, too!

Satomi: *has scribbles* same here!

Lingshen: *has scribbles* Even Professor Negi got drawn on!

(suddenly, 33 Pokeballs appear in front of 3-A's hands)

Negi: *holding a pokeball* whats this?

Satsuki: No, I didn't Negi *looks at a Pokeball*

Negi: *throws it in the air, out pops a sentret*

Sentret: sentret (hello, professor)

Satsuki: I did read about that though, it's a Zigzagzoon?

Yue: You're wrong, its a Sentret!

Satsuki: But don't Zigzagzoon evolve into Sentret?

Yue: *in shock* Look!

Nodoka&Negi: huh?

(Sentret starts to glow!)

Satsuki: Huh?

Nodoka: *in shock* What's happening?

Negi: *in shock* That sign must mean....?

Satsuki: I think so...

Chamo: *in shock* Sentret must be evolving!

(Sentret evolves into Furret)

Furret: Furret!! (Hi Negi)

All of TrentFan's Characters: *in shock*

Zazie: *in shock* Sentret has.....

Satomi: *in shock* .....evolved into Furret!

Satsuki: Wow!

Jigglypuff: *pops out* Jiggly!

Nodoka: *hides her eyes from jigglypuff*

Jigglypuff: *starts singing*

Nodoka: *her eyelids grows heavy*

Zazie: *her eyelids grows heavy*

Negi: *his eyelids grows heavy*

Ayaka: *her eyelids grows heavy*

Lingshen: *her eyelids grows heavy*

Satomi *her eyelids grows heavy*

Yue: *her eyelids grows heavy*

Chamo: *his eyelids grows heavy*

Satsuki: Maybe *grabs an empty Poke Ball and throws at Jigglypuff* will make it stop....*yawns*

Jigglypuff: *still sings, evades the ball*

Nodoka: *yawns* No.........good!.....ugh *she falls asleep as well as negi*

Satsuki: *grabs an ultra ball* Maybe.....this *throws the ultra ball at Jigglypuff and falls asleep*

Jigglypuff: *stops singing, once again evades the ball, see everyone asleep* Huh? *blows up, mad* PUFFF! *gets her marker, and begins to draw on everyones faces*

(15 minutes later)

Yue: *wakes up, has black markings on her, sarcasm* Just like i predicted!

Satsuki: Again? *wipes face*


  • Class 3-A is trapped in the Pokemon World
  • The Singing Jigglypuff appears once again
  • Negi's Sentret evolves into Furret
  • Chamo is revealed to have friends with Negi's Furret

Episode 2 - Ralts Say That Nodoka Has This Catch!Edit

Negi: Huh, what's that over there!

Satsuki: *picking up a Poke Ball* I don't know. I didn't study PokePhysics.

(a Pokemon who is related to Nodoka, it look like it has red horns green hair covered her eyes)

Satsuki: Look over there, Nodoka, it's a Pokemon.....I hope it isn't like the Puffjiggly.

Nodoka: It's pronounced Jigglypuff!

Negi: That's a Ralts!

Ralts: Ralts! *hides her eyes*

Nodoka: *determined look in her eyes* I'll do it!

Negi: Nodoka?

Nodoka: *holding her pokeball, gets jittery* I've never done this before, so I should do it!

Satsuki: If you want to, just follow what you really want.

Nodoka: *blushing* Um......Ralts?

Ralts: Ralt? (Yeah?)

Nodoka: *blushing* I w-was wonder if.....IF......*blurts it out, a tear drips out* Would you like it if you like to come along with me?

Ralts: *blinks her eyes twice* Ralts ralts? (You'll let me join?)

Nodoka: *smiles* would be honored if you join us!

Ralts: *blushes deeply, then nods happily* Ralts Ralts! (I'd love to!)

Nodoka: *brings out her pokeball* Here goes nothing, *throws the ball* G-G-Go Pokeball!

Ralts: *gets it, and sucks into the Pokeball, it shakes several times, finally it clicks*

Nodoka: *picks it up, and blushes still* Wow......My first Pokemon ever!

Misa: That's great!

Nodoka: Oh, Kakizaki, Wow! Is that a Plusle with you!

Yue: Madoka & Sakurako too, they have plusle & And a minun!

Satsuki: They got Pokemon too?

Madoka's Minun: Minun! (Hello!)

Satsuki: Hi?

Yue: I didn't know you had a Minun, Madoka!

Madoka: I just found it and decided to keep it.

Yue: How come you have a PokeBall? As cheerleders, Plusle & Minun have that ability too, you know!

Sakurako: Exactly! It's great!

Yue: Why?

Jigglypuff: Jiggly!

(Yue, Nodoka, Ralts, and the cheerleader turn to see Jigglypuff)

Satsuki: >.> No more, please!

Jigglypuff: *starts to sing on top of a roof*

Yue: Madoka, try to resist it! *her eyelids grows heavy*

Madoka:*her eyelids grows heavy* I'm trying, but it's singing! Trying really hard to stay up!

Minun: *his eyelids grows heavy too* Min nun! *falls asleep as well as madoka, kakizaki, regular and shiny plusles & Sakurako*

Satsuki: *eyelids grow heavy* Ugh....I hate Pokemon. *collapses*

Nodoka,Negi&Ralts: *their eyelids are heavy too* ugh....*all three fall asleep*

Ayaka: *her eyelids grows heavy* What is this?

Satsuki: It's.............Pokemon *eyes close, falls asleep*

Jigglypuff: *stops singing* Jiggaly?

All but Jigglypuff: *asleep*

Jigglypuff: *blows up, mad* PUFFF! *gets her marker, and begins to draw on everyones faces*

(after 20 minutes)

Yue: *has black markings on her face* See what I mean by staying awake, Madoka?

Madoka: Yes, I do *wipes her face*

Satsuki: *wiping her face* I want to go home.

Negi: *wiping his face* Relax, i'm pretty sure there's more than a Jigglpuff!

Chachamaru: *holding jigglypuff* I was the only one who stayed awake! I wasn't drawn on!



  • Nodoka catches a Ralts
  • Madoka is revealed to have caught a Minun
  • Kakizaki & Sakurako is revealed that both of them has caught a Plusle each.

Episode 3 - Satsuki's First Pokemon Ever Caught!Edit

Nodoka: Isn't this great? My very own Pokemon. I know! *brings out her pactio card* Adeat!

Satsuki: If you like Pokemon..........

Nodoka: *in pactio mode* in my diary it says that Ralts knows Psychic, Future Sight & Thunderbolt! Abeat! So Ralts knows some decent moves!

Satsuki: Again, if you LIKE Pokemon.

???: growl lithe!

All: huh?

Satsuki: Another Pokemon? >.>

Growlithe: Growl? *eyeing at satsuki curiously*

Satsuki: Please just go.

Growlithe: *staring endearingly at satsuki, leaps into her arms*

Nodoka: Sakurako, you don't think that....?

Sakurako: Maybe.

Satsuki: Huh? Uh, no thanks *sets Growlithe down*

Negi: Growlithe's not going anywhere, Satsuki!

Satsuki: Do you want it, Negi? (I got to go, bye)

Negi: No, but I think Growlithe wants to come along with you, Satsuki!

Satsuki: Um, Nodoka, do you want this Pokemon?

Nodoka: Let's see....*looks it up with her book, reads it out loud* Growlithe, The Puppy Pokemon. It is very loyal to its trainer & drives enemies away with barks & bites, they are sometimes used as pets.

Satsuki: So do you want it?

Nodoka: No, Growlithe wants you! Ask if it wants to go with you, thats what I did!

Satsuki: But I don't want a Growlithe, I was never a fan of Pokemon. I just want to go home so I can continue my cooking career.

Yue: Growlithe is a Fire-type, it can Use ember or flamethrower attack to help you with your cooking career, Lingshen's from the cooking club too!

Satsuki: Um, no thanks, Yue, do you want it?

Yue: no, none of us do!

Growlithe: *does the sad cute look at satsuki, same as puss from shrek*

Satsuki: Fine.....I'll take it back, myself. Come on Growlithe, we're going to return you.

Nodoka: Try catching it, cuz its a wild Growlithe! He wants to travel along with you! Use your pokeball!

Satsuki: Oh, well........I said no, Nodoka! Now come on there should be a patch of grass for you to roam in.

Growlithe: *shakes its head sadly* Growl lithe growl growl (I don't have a home or a family, i'm an orphan. My only family is you, satsuki)

Satsuki: Uh......I'm running out of options!

Growlithe: *gets one of satsuki's pokeballs, taps it, is sucked into the ball, it shakes several times, finally it clicks*


Lingshen: *enters the scene* What's ailing you, Satsuki?

Yue: *drinking her weird drink* Yeah, what's troubling you?

Nodoka: *in shock* Don't tell me.....!

Satsuki: Yes, I don't want a Pokemon!!!! I don't like Pokemon! If you like it go ahead and like them, while I'm stuck with some Pokemon >.>


  • Satsuki accidently catches a Growlithe

Episode 4 - Satsuki's Difficult Choice Of Liking PokemonEdit

Zazie: .........

Satsuki: All everyone likes is Pokemon! But I don't! Is it too much to ask that I can leave without an unwanted present?

Lingshen: *enters the scene* Unwanted pesent, is it bothering you, satsuki?

Satsuki: The unwanted present is a Growlithe, a Pokemon, which I don't want.

Lingshen: *gives satsuki an orange stone* If you don't like him, i have the perfect stone for growlithe. A Fire Stone!

Satsuki: No Lingshen, it's just...........I don't like Pokemon, I just don't like Pokemon.

Lingshen: what made you not like pokemon, you can tell me the story through a flashback!

  • Flashback*

Satsuki: *picks up an old charm when she was younger* Huh? AH!!!!!!!!! *Teleported to the Pokemon World* What?

Beedrill: BEE!

Satsuki: AH!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Is chased and stung on her arm* What else could go wrong?

Jigglypuff: JIGGLY! *Sings* Jigglypuff, Jiggaly!

Satsuki: *falls asleep and is drawn on*

Gyarados: *uses dragon rage on her*

Satsuki: OW!

Cacnea: *fires pin missle*

Satsuki: Ugh!

Magikarp: *flops onto her*

Satsuki: *runs off screaming and is teleported back* Poke....ow......

  • End of Flashback*

Satsuki: I was at a young age....and since then I threw out that old charm.

Lingshen: Is there a Pokemon you do like, satsuki?

Satsuki: As of now, I don't like any Pokemon.....

Lingshen: Some Pokemon are your friends, like your Growlithe. You just need to get used to it.

Zazie: They can be used as pets!

Satsuki: I don't may take some time before I even warm up to it.

Nodoka: Ralts & I will help you, right Ralts, Huh?

Ralts: *starts to glow white

Nodoka: *worried* Is Ralts fading?

Satsuki: thanks, and I don't know Nodoka, is it?

Yue: Kasuga, that glow surrounding ralts, could that be?

Kasuga: It's evolving?

(Ralts evolves into Kirlia)

Kirlia: *in a girly voice* Kirlia!

Satsuki: And it's another Pokemon >.>

Nodoka: It's okay, Kirlia is the evolved form of Ralts. So my Ralts has evolved!

Satsuki: *sarcastically* good for you, Nodoka.

Yue: *sarcastically to satsuki* very funny!

Satsuki: Look I'm not in the best mood right now, Yue, you could try to be supportive!

Ayaka: We'll try!

Satsuki: Fine, so what do I do with this Growlithe?

Lingshen: Used the Fire Stone & see what happens!

Satsuki: No thanks, Lingshen, I want to know what to do with this thing, without having to actually play with it or whatever you do with Pokemon.

Yue: Ask what moves does it know?

Satsuki: No, I don't want to know its move, Yue.

Chachamaru: For all I know, it knows, Ember, Flamethrower, Quick Attack & Flame Charge!

Satsuki: Maybe I could release it!

Nodoka: As in send it out, so it can play?

Satsuki: .....Like I said, I could relase it! (when are the new ones coming?)

Nodoka: *worried, covers her eyes* But you cant abandon in it now, that's mean!

(what new ones? we can be those too) (The new ones we made, Red and you always use Liam? xD)

Satsuki: Well, I don't mind, I mean I didn't even want to catch it, it caught itself, it can be its own Pokemon!

Yue: If it evolves through a Fire Stone, it won't be a Growlithe anymore!

Satsuki: Yue! Listen! *grabs fire stone and throws it to the ground* I don't want any Pokemon!

Growlithe: *plays with fire stone in which he pick & evolves*

Arcanine: arcanine?

Satsuki: That's even worse! I don't know when I called you out but, GO! You aren't my Pokemon!

Arcanine: *sees a group of growlithe* Arcanine nine *points to the growlithe*

Nodoka: I think Arcanine wants to go with those growlithe friends! And it's saying goodbye to you!

Satsuki: Hold on, no, I won't let this little weasel out of it *eyes turn into fire angry* YOU PUNISH ME WITH TRYING TO COME ALONG! ARCANINE RETURN! *Returns Arcanine* YOU TRY TO GO AND WEASEL YOURSELF OUT OF ALL THE TORTURE, THE PAIN! WELL THEN, LET'S SEE HOW YOU LIKE THIS! *Scares off the growlithe*

Kasuga: I think she just went crazy....

Yue: I think she's cranky

Jigglypuff: *scared*

Ayaka: you even scared jigglypuff nearly to death!


Kasuga: .....*attempting to calm the Jigglypuff* It's okay, she goes crazy angry sometimes *pats softly on head while looking at Satsuki*

Jigglypuff: jiggly jiggly puff? (do you want me to sing, just to calm her down, even though you guy will probably fall asleep, kasuga?)

Yur: that could work!

Satsuki: NOW YOU ARE MINE! *Calls out Arcanine and suddenly turns nicer* I baked a few poffins and some water hope you enjoy.

Kasuga: Wait.....what? *Grabs earplugs and puts them on* What...what? I'm now scared too....

Jigglypuff: *pulls kasuga's earplags* jiggly! (never mind, kasuga, she calmed down, I'm not going to sing now)

Kasuga: Um.....yeah.....I wonder what Arcanine is thinking, or what happened with Satsuki, didn't she hate Arcanine?

Yue: You have an Aracnine now, he was only teasing you about leaving

Satsuki: Actually, the, um, actor of the group taught me how to act and I wanted to see how you would react, so I did. The flashback, me hating Pokemon, everything was just a prank! I told Arcanine too and have been feeding it and petting it behind your backs, but then I finally wanted to stop this so I did. I even tricked, Negi, I bet.

Kasuga: Wait, so this was a prank?

Satsuki: Exactly! I actually love my Arcanine, it already knows that. I also put a cardboard cut out of Arcanine so it would look like I gone crazy and "chased it off", I got Arcanine on it and there!

Kasuga: you and Arcanine just tricked us all?

Satsuki: *nods*


  • Satsuki begins to like Pokemon
  • Nodoka's Ralts evolves into Kirlia
  • Satsuki's Growlithe evolves into Arcanine
  • Satsuki is revealed to like Arcanine

Episode 5 - Kasuga's Very Own Partner PokemonEdit

Satsuki: Liked my prank?

Zazie: .........

Nodoka: ...........

Chachamaru: ...........

Yue: ...........*starts to chuckle*

All: *all laugh*

Satsuki: Well now that you know the truth, not much else to say, right Arcanine? (you may play arcanine now)

Arcanine: *nods*

Kasuga: That was a nice trick, Satsuki! Right, Negi?

Negi: Yes it was!

Kasuga: I thought you went a little crazy.

Satsuki: Well don't worry. I just decided to pull a trick, that's all.

???: Cleffa?

Kasuga: It's a Cleffa, but....who wants it? *mumbling* I don't really like it.

Zazie: .......

Nodoka: Why not?

Kasuga: I don't know, I'm just rolling with it! Zazie, do you want it?

Zazie: ...........No! But I heard rumors that when Cleffa evolves into Clefairy, they are said to pray for the Moon Stone!

Kasuga: Sounds a little creepy.....well, we can let it run free!

Satsuki: Sure, thing, Kasuga. It might just be lost.

(they spot a spaceship)

Nodoka: *sends out Kirlia* Kirlia, help us out!

(kirlia pops out of the ball)

Kirlia: Kirlia! (You called!)

Kasuga: Whoa! A Spaceship!

Satsuki: I guess that's why they search for the moon stone?

Yue: Which Pokemon are you more into, Kasuga?

Kasuga: I don't know, Yue.

Nodoka: How about Pichu? It's cute!

Kasuga:, I don't know, I'm just not into Pichu.

Yue: Maybe this will help you! *gives kasuga a book with all 649 pokemon on it*

Kasuga: *looks through the book* Okay!

Cleffa: *runs to her clefairy friends, then starts to glow white*

Yue: Wha?

Ayaka: Whats happening?

Satomi: That light...

Lingshen: Can it be?

Kasuga: *looking through book* It's evolving, you can just say that, don't over-act.

Clefairy: *evolves* Clefairy!

(an oval shaped item glow and appears in front of kasuga)

Konoka: What appeared front of you, Kasuga?

Kasuga: Hold on! I'm reading it! *looks through the book*

(she looks through the book and spots information about eggs)

Kasuga: Eggs....don't cook *continues to read and flips back to Pokemon*

Negi: *puts the Pokemon Egg safely in Kasuga's bag*

Kasuga: *continues reading*

Nodoka: Kirlia, any luck?

Kirlia: *shakes her head sadly* Kirli (No, sorry)

Kasuga: *still reading*

Satsuki: She's really into that book.

Negi: She's checking which one she likes?

Satsuki: I don't know.........

(3 hours later, whilst everyone is asleep from boredom)

Yue: that was no good!


Ayaka: Yue's right, You have failed at being Makie!

Makie: But I didn't do anything! *heartbroken* CRUSHED *Runs away and is never seen again, but jigglypuff appears in front of her*

Jigglypuff: Jiggly *starts to sing*

Makie: *steals mic, runs, and is never seen again*

Jigglypuff: *doubleslaps makie, quickly gets her mic back and continues to sing on the top of a roof, making makie unable to reach it*

Makie: *uses earplugs and runs away to never be seen again*

(she bumps into negi)

Negi: *falls over, makie falls over too*

Makie: *gets up and runs away to NEVER BE SEEN AGAIN*

(3 hours later, Makie is never seen again)

Negi: I'm getting worried about Makie!

Nodoka: Me too!

Kasuga: I didn't do what you guys did to Makie so *continues to read the Pokemon book*

Buneary: *hops past, Makie goes after it*

Negi: What is Makie doing?


  • Kasuga is revealed to be thinking about which Pokemon she'll choose
  • Makie goes after a Buneary
  • Kasuga has been given a Pokemon Egg

Episode 6 - Buneary Fails At Being BunearyEdit

Buneary: *leaps into Makie's empty Pokeball, taps it & sucked inside*

(the ball shakes several times, until finally, it clicks)

Makie: *Freezes* CRUSHED!!!

Nodoka: *sweatdrops*

Yue: *sarcastically* Oh...Good grief!

Makie: *picks up the pokeball containing buneary* Failed at Makie, failed at me!

Nodoka: You didn't fail at being Makie, but you caught a Buneary!

Zazie: Nodoka, catching a pokemon was pure luck!

Nodoka: 55 points.

Zazie: Thanks Nodoka!

Nodoka: No need to worry, Zazie. Think nothing of it!

Egg: *shakes a little*

Nodoka: Kasuga, your egg!

Egg: *starts glowing brightly*

Konoka: It's hatching!