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Liam's Minun

Minun is Liam's second Pokémon he caught prior to its debut in Episode Twenty-five: Luvdisc At First Sight! before Liam joined Zane and his friends. He was later confirmed male when Liam mentioned that Minun was male.

Background Edit

Minun is cheerful and really brave when facing danger, he likes battling which was shown in Episode Twenty-five: Luvdisc At First Sight!, he has a crush on Zane's Cyndaquil who was confirmed female due to Luvdisc's Attract failed to work on her, He was infatuated when Luvdisc's Attract worked on him and Swalot. It battled against Zane's Cyndaquil and ended in a draw due to Wild Charge's recoil damage and a fierce collision of Flame Charge and Wild Charge. He battled against a wild Luvdisc and lost due to it being male and being hit by its Attract.

Attacks Edit

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