Preview: "Starting his Pokemon Journey far away from home, young Trainer Jace, and his faithful partner Mudkip, have now arrived in Upolu Town."

<Jace runs into the town and looks around at the busting shops and public locations to enjoy time with Pokemon and nature. Mudkip jumps down and looks around in excitement as well>.

Jace: "Wow! This place sure has changed since we were here last time!"

Mudkip: "Kip!" ("Yeah!")

Jace: "Guess we should look around for some supplies before heading off to face our first Gym, right, Mudkip?"

Mudkip: *Agrees with a nod and excited yelp*

<Jace and Mudkip walk down the street and stop at a PokeMart location nearby. The sliding doors open as they approach and inside is a vast selection of trinkets, toys, foods, beverages, items, and among other things for traveling or home-living. He looks around before approaching the counter and cashier>.

Cashier: "Hi there, young man. What can I help you with today?"

Jace: "I just started my very own journey today, and I was wondering what I might need for a long travel to Vereen City."

Cashier: "Vereen City, huh? I suppose a travel like that would need some extra food, water, and maybe some potions and Pokeballs in case you run into some wild Pokemon on the way there."

Jace: "Great. I'll buy whatever we need."

<After some time in the PokeMart store, Jace and Mudkip walk back outside with his backpack filled with food, water, Pokeballs, a fishing rod, and extra items for traveling. He continues down the street when the sky above begins to turn dark. Rain pours down on the town and the surrounding area>.

Jace: "It's raining already? Guess we should get to a Pokemon Center and stay till the rain stops."

???: *Screaming from a far distance*

Jace: *Looks toward a woman screaming while running up the street*

Woman: "Please! Someone help us!"

Jace: *Runs to her* "What happened?"

Woman: "Our family was taking a relaxing walk by the river just outside the town when a wild flock of Pidgey came from the tree-line and knocked our daughter into the river. The currents are too strong for her to swim out of, and the river leads to a steep waterfall."

Jace: "Don't worry, ma'am. I'll save your daughter."

Woman: "But you're just a kid yourself..."

Jace: "I can help..."

<Jace and the woman soon return to the river and run down its path as it twists and bends in different directions. The woman soon spots her daughter as she's quickly carried down the river>.

Woman: "Jaime! Hang on, honey!"

Jaime: "Mom! Help!"

Jace: "Mudkip, swim after her!"

Mudkip: *Jumps into the river and swims quickly down it toward Jaime*

Jace: "I can see the waterfall from here. She doesn't have much time left." *Grabs another Pokeball from his belt and throws it* "Go, Growlithe!"

Growlithe: *Appears and barks*

Jace: "Growlithe, head back to the town and get the police to come. Quick!"

Growlithe: *Nods and runs off through the forest back toward the town*

Jace: "Mudkip, hurry!"

Mudkip: *Grabs her by her shirt with its mouth and swims in the other direction*

Jace: *Brings Eevee out to help* "Eevee, run ahead to the waterfall and see if you can find something to stop her from going over."

Eevee: *Runs off toward the end of the river that leads off into the waterfall*

<Growlithe enters the town and barges into the police station where they piece together that someone's in trouble. Several officers follow Growlithe back to the river. Meanwhile, Jace and Eevee look down the edge into the waterfall and manage to find a large branch from a tree that fell off in the past. Jace picks it up and hangs it over the river currents for Jaime to grab on to. Mudkip loses its grip on Jaime's shirt and she, again, is swept by the currents. She grabs hold of the branch and hangs on with her legs going over the edge>.

Jace: "Don't worry! I won't let go!"

Jaime: "Thank you!"

Growlithe: *Barking*

Jace: "That's Growlithe!"

<The officers arrive and work together with Jace and his Pokemon to get Jaime out of the river. Her mother holds her close and starts crying with joy for her safety>.

Mother: "I was so worried for you, Jaime. I'm o happy that you're okay." *Looks up at Jace* "Thank you. It's because of you that my girl's okay. How can I ever repay you?"

Jace: "I was just happy to be able to help out." *Faces his Pokemon and kneels down to them* "Of course it was because of all of you that Jaime's safe now. Thank you all for your help. I couldn't ask for a better team."

Pokemon: *All cheer excitingly*

<During their cheering, a strange new Pokemon suddenly appeared from the thick tree-line. It waddles around in a strange fashion>.

Jace: "A new Pokemon?" *Activates his Pokedex device*

Simon: "Spinda, the Spot Panda Pokemon. Spinda uses its seemingly clumsy movements to confuse its opponents. It is said that no two Spinda have the same pattern of spots. This Spinda knows the following moves: Dizzy Punch, Body Slam, Shadow Ball, and Substitute."

Zane: "Awesome! A new Pokemon to catch! Mudkip, use Water Pulse!"

Mudkip: *Fires a ball of water at Spinda*

<Spinda's hit directly by the unexpected attack and flies into a tree. Jace tosses a Pokeball at Spinda and it bounces off of its head, opens, and brings Spinda inside. It hits the ground and rolls around on the ground before stopping. He picks it up and cheers>.

Jace: "We caught Spinda!"

Mother: "That was amazing."

Jace: "Thank you. My name's Jace, and I'm training to become a Pokemon Master."

Mother: "A Pokemon Master..."

Jaime: "Mom, could I be a Pokemon Trainer someday?"

Mother: "Of course, honey. Anything in the world."

Jace: "I have to get going. See you around and be safe."

Jaime: *Waving as Jace runs off* "Bye nice man! Thank you for everything!"

Jace: "I almost forgot the whole reason I came to Upolu Town in the first place."

<Jace and Mudkip travel to the Pokemon Center to wait out the rest of the rainfall. Inside, Jace dries himself and Mudkip off before talking to the nurse about healing his Pokemon>.

Center Nurse: "Of course. I'd be more than happy to help heal your Pokemon. One moment while I give them an examination."

<The nurse takes his four Pokeballs and sets them carefully onto a special machine with slots specifically for Pokeballs. The machine scans and verifies that all his Pokemon are healthy and well rested. She returns them to him after a few minutes>.

Center Nurse: "There you are. All of your Pokemon and healthy and full of energy."

Jace: "Awesome. Thanks so much."

<Jace returns his Pokeballs to his belt around his waist and picks Mudkip up; placing it on his right shoulder to rest for awhile>.

Jace: "Um, nurse?"

Center Nurse: "Yes? Is there something else that you need?"

Jace: "Yeah. Do you know if there's a Gym in Vereen City by chance?"

Center Nurse: "Ah, yes. I do believe that there is a Gym there. I can't remember the name of the Gym Leader, though."

Jace: "That's alright. Thank you."

<Jace and Mudkip leave the Pokemon Center building and head down the streets once more>

Jace: "Guess we have a long ways till we reach our first Gym, huh, Mudkip?"

Mudkip: *Nods*

Jace: "It's alright, though. Nothing's gonna stop us from winning our first Gym Badge."

<As he readies to leave the city, he stops and suddenly hears a strange noise coming from the woods nearby. Mudkip jumps down from his shoulder and readies for a battle>.

Jace: "Who's there?"

<The little girl from the river runs out and waves to him in an excited fashion>

Jace: "Oh, it's her."

Girl: *Stops in front of him* "Hi, Jace. I heard from the Pokemon Center lady that you were heading to Vereen City for a Gym Battle, right?"

Jace: "Yeah. Do you know where it is?"

Girl: "I do. But I'll only tell you on one condition..."

Jace: "What's that?"

Girl: "I'll take you to Vereen City if I can come with you on your journey."

Jace: "You want to come with me? But, what about your mom?"

Girl: "I talked with her and she said that I should explore the world of Pokemon. What better way than by going on a journey?"

Jace: "Well, I guess that's alright with me."

Girl: "Great! My name's Lisa by the way."

Jace: "Great. Then let's go."

Lisa: "Yay! Come on!"

<She takes off sprinting down the path leading through the forest>.

Jace: "Hey! Wait up!"

<Mudkip quickly jumps back onto his right shoulder and he takes off down the path after her>.

Narrator: "New friends and experiences that are constantly being discovered through friendships and all sorts of amazing events! Once more, our young hero is off to Vereen City to get his first Gym Badge. And with Lisa tagging along, the adventure is sure to be much more exciting; as the journey continues..."

To Be Continued...

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