Glace is a female Glaceon.


Glace lives in Snowy Mountains. She had a mom named Icy. She is living. She is 7 years old about to be eight. She lives by the sea. She has a Vaporeon nextdoor to the right. There is a Jolteon to the left.


"Strength doesn't matter, only wisdom."

-Glace to Jolt

"Its not the outside, its the inside."

-Glace to Vapor

"You are the only you that could ever be born."

-Glace to Jolt and Vapor


Glace is a broad shouldered white and blue Glaceon. Her tail is a little thin. She has a long left head string. She is a little whiter then other Glaceons. She is very tall.

Know book appearencesEdit

1. Glaceon`s life- a story about Glaceon on Ultimante Pokémon Fanon Wiki.

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