Preview: After capturing Luvdisc, Liam's Minun nearly falls off a cliff and Zane's Cyndaquil saves him just in time, but when they get in a pinch against a horde of Vanillite, something happens to Cyndaquil....?

Narrator: As our heroes head towards the next town, and Zane and Liam's next gym battle, they've decided have a little lunch-break at the foot of a mountain.

Liam: "This is really good."

Fennekin: "Fen fennekin" (I totally agree)

Minun: *whispers to Cyndaquil* Mai mai mai, mai nun nun mai mai? (Is it just me, or is Fennekin sounding a lot like Liam?)

Cyndaquil: "Quil." (Yeah)

<Liam noticed a Roselia who was chatting with Liam's Foongus>

Liam: "Hey, Zane. Is that Pokemon...?"

<Liam scans Roselia on his Pokedex>

Liam's Pokedex: "Roselia, the Thorn Pokémon, and the evolved form of Budew. Rosella's aroma can bring serenity, but the thorns on its head contain a vicious poison."

Liam: "Zane, when did your Budew evolve?"

Zane: "That's not my Pokemon, though. My Budew's back in Professor Brooks' Research Center at home."

Amy: "It's a really cute Pokemon, though."

Arthur: "It must be wild. It's quite calm and tame for a wild one."

Holly: "If no one wants to catch it, then I'll just have to give it a try!"

<Roselia turns to Holly and uses Petal Blizzard, knocking her far back and to the ground. Zane, Amy, and Arthur laugh along with their Pokemon. Meanwhile, Cyndaquil suddenly smells something and scampers off toward the mountain; going up one of the pathways leading through it. No one notices Cyndaquil leave>

Liam: "Huh? Cyndaquil has disappeared, Zane"

<Zane noticed something else, Minun was also nowhere to be found>

Whismur: "whis? WHIS......WHISMUR WHIS!" (Minun?" Ack.....Minun's gone!)

Roselia: "Roselia rose?" (What do you mean gone?)

<Meanwhile, Cyndaquil continues its walk through the path until stopping at a small cliff that hung over the side. Cyndaquil looked down, then started off toward a tree where some white-colored berries were growing on the snow-covered branches>

Cyndaquil: "Cyndaquil!" (Berries!)

<Minun finds Cyndaquil looking at berries>

Minun: "mai mai mai, mai mai mai nun nun mai Minun" (I found you, what are you doing running off like that?)

Cyndaquil: "Quil. Cyndaquil." (Sorry. Got hungry.)

Minun: "Mai mai?" (Is that so?)

<Suddenly Minun felt a crumble from the rocks, he was about to fall off a cliff>


Cyndaquil: "Quil!" (Minun!)

<Cyndaquil rushes from the tree and dives for Minun. Cyndaquil manages to grab hold of Minun's right ear with its tiny paws and keep it from falling over>

Cyndaquil: "Cynda, cyndaquil?!" (Minun, you okay?!)

Minun: "Mai mai, mai nun nun" (I'm fine, thanks for do that.)

<They hear an eerie voice, a group of Vanillite surround Minun and Cyndaquil, that's when Liam, Zane and co. arrived just in time>

Liam: "Never seen those Pokemon before."

<Liam gets out his Pokedex and scans the Pokemon surrounding them>

Liam's Pokedex: "Vanillite, the Fresh Snow Pokémon. Vanillite is created from ice crystals that are illuminated by the morning sun. Its breath is 58 degrees below zero."

<The horde of Vanillite attack Minun and Cyndaquil with Icy Wind>

Liam: "Eevee, Whismur, help me out."

<Liam summons a shiny Eevee and a Whismur>

Zane: "Haxorus, come out and save them!"

<Haxorus comes out of its Pokeball and charges in front of the Icy Wind, protecting Cyndaquil and Minun. The amount instantly freezes Haxorus in a thick block of glistening ice>

Amy: "Haxorus! How did that happen?!"

Arthur: "Haxorus is a Dragon-type; they're especially weak to Ice-type Pokemon like Vanillite."

<Cyndaquil begins to struggle with holding Minun's ear>

Cyndaquil: "Cynda...quil, quil." (Can't...hold much more, Minun.)

<Cyndaquil slips and tumbles over the cliffside with Minun>

Cyndaquil: "Quil!!!" (Master!!!)

Zane: "Cyndaquil, no!"

Minun: "Mai mai mai" (Don't give up hope!)

Whismur: "Whis mur mur whismur" (We all believe in you!)

Eevee: *touches a Fire stone and evolves into Flareon*

Flareon: "Flare flare flareon" (Please, Cyndaquil, you can do it)

Liam: "Cyndaquil!"

Zane: "Cyndaquil, you can't give up!"

Cyndaquil: "Cynda....." (Everyone......)

<Cyndaquil heard everyone's calls and encouragement; she shuts her eyes tight and lets out a yell of determination and begins to glow>

Minun: "Mai mai?" (What the?)

Liam: *in astonishment* "Is that what I think it is?"

Whismur: "Whis mur mur Whismur" (There's no mistaking it)

Arthur: "About time Cyndaquil evolved. Good timing as ever."

<Cyndaquil begins to change its appearance, it grows twice its length, it's pointy nose is gone, it's squinty eyes become actual eyes, in mid-glow, she pulls Minun to safety on its back>

Zane: "You can do it, Cyndaquil!"

<In stood Cyndaquil's place as the glow shatters in blue shards was a Pokemon igniting its flames on its back and it's head known as Quilava>

Quilava: "Quil!" (Yeah!)

Liam: "Amy, Cyndaquil just evolved!"

Amy: "Great! I'm so happy!"

Zane: "Way to go, Cynda- I mean Quilava!"

Zane's Pokedex: "Quilava, the Volcano Pokémon, and the evolved form of Cyndaquil. Quilava intimidates foes with its flame's heat, and when ready to battle, the fire burns with more strength"

<Liam peered over Zane's Pokedex>

Liam: "It looks like Quilava has new moves, Zane"

Zane: "Sure does. Quilava, come back up and let's teach these Vanillite not to push other Pokemon around!"

<A fire within Quilava burns as it grabs hold of the wall and begins charging up the side. It jumps back to the surface and burns away the ice encasing Haxorus inside. Haxorus breaks free and shivers slightly>

Haxorus: "Haxor..." (Thanks...)

Quilava: "Quilava." (Sure thing.)

Zane: "Let's finish this together. Haxorus, Dragon Pulse! Quilava, use Flare Blitz!"

<Haxorus fires a ball of energy at the group of Vanillite as Quilava charges them; enveloping its body inside a shield of rushing fire. The ball hits all of them and explodes at the same time Quilava smashes into them and sends all but one flying far out into the mountains. Haxorus returns to its Pokeball soon after>

Zane: "Great work!"

Amy: "Looks like there's still two left."

Zane: "Then it's the perfect opportunity to catch a new friend! Quilava, mind helping me out a little?"

Quilava: "Quil!" (Sure!)

Zane: "Great! Quilava, let's use Flamethrower!"

<Quilava uses Flamethrower on Vanillite and causes a one-hit knockout on it. Zane throws a Pokeball at Vanillite and manages to capture it after some agonizing time in waiting. He picks up the device and holds it firmly in hand>

Zane: "Yeah! I caught Vanillite!"

<Liam throws a Pokeball at the other Vanillite, and catches it successfully>

Liam: *smiles* "I caught a Vanillite too, Zane!"

Arthur: "Great. More to add to the group."

Holly: "You're being really grumpy, Arthur. It's not like you."

Arthur: "I don't know what you mean."

Zane: "Let's get to the next Gym! I'm bursting with excitement!"