Preview: Zane's Swadloon gets jealous when it discovers another female, Vanillite, joining the family that the two of them start fighting, but when a horde of rouge Ursaring run in a rampage, everyone gets separated by accident; Liam with Zane's Swadloon and Liam's Fennekin, Zane and Liam's Vanillite duo, Quilava and Zane's Croconaw, Zane with Liam's Flareon, his Espeon, Liam's Azelf and Liam's Whismur, Arthur with Liam's Minun, his Gulpin and Liam's Swalot, Holly and Amy with Zane's Haxorus, and Liam's Pidove. Will they reunite with one another?

Narrator: As our heroes head towards the next city, they decide to have a rest at a quiet spot in the forest for a break.

Liam: "This could be a good spot to let out our Pokemon for some fresh air."

Minun: "Mai" (Yeah)

<Liam throws 6 Pokeballs in the air>

Liam: "Come on out, gang!"

<Liam summons Flareon, Pidove, Vanillite, Swalot, Azelf and Fennekin>

Flareon: "Flareon!" (You called?)

Pidove: "Dove Dove" (Good to be out)

Vanillite: "Van nilite" (As am I)

Swalot: "Swa Swalot" (What up, Liam)

Azelf: "Azelf Zelf" (Yay! Fun!)

Fennekin: "Fen Fennekin" (Hey, guys)

Arthur: "Great idea. Time to let everyone come out!"

<Arthur, Amy, and Holly throw all of their Pokemon out and they bundle in one large group. Everyone starts playing together. Zane soon brings out his Pokemon as well>

Quilava: "Quil?" (Huh?)

Espeon: *Purrs cutely*

Vanillite: "Vanillite." (Hello.)

Haxorus: "Haxor." (Greetings.)

Croconaw: "Croc!" (Freedom!)

Rampardos: *Growls calmly*

Zane: "Go ahead and play around for awhile. You've all worked so hard and deserve some time to yourselves. Be safe, though. Don't play too rough."

<His Pokemon cheer and run off to play with their other Pokemon. He keeps Rayquaza's Pokeball clipped to his belt for safekeeping and rests on the grassy floor of the forest>

Zane: So far, everyone's been getting along great. But, I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen. I just know it.

<Swadloon gets pouty in its pokeball and wanting to join the party>

Liam: "I think Swadloon wants to join them too."


(Pokemon P.O.V. = they can talk human in a pokemon's pov)

Pidove: "Hey, who did that?"

Quilava: "Sorry, that was me."

<Haxorus sits on the grass and curls his tail around himself>

Haxorus: I'm no longer the small image of myself that Zane loved so much. Does that mean our friendship is gone as well?

Croconaw: "You really shouldn't pout like that, Haxorus. It'll get stuck that way."

Haxorus: *Turns head to Croconaw* "What are you doing here? Thought you'd be off playing with the others."

Croconaw: "I was. But, looks like you're having a troubled time thinking about something. Care to share?"

Haxorus: "Not really..."

Croconaw: "It's about changing, isn't it?"

Haxorus: "I didn't want to change, but, I had to get stronger so I could keep Zane safe. He means everything to me, after all."

Croconaw: "I know what you mean. We've all traveled a long way with Zane..."

Liam's Vanillite: "What's up with Swadloon, Haxorus?

<Swadloon looks pouty at Liam's Vanillite>

Swadloon: "Why does she get special treatment with Zane? It's not fair. I've been with Zane longer than her."

Haxorus: "That may be true, but I've been with Zane longer than any of you. Swadloon, please try to calm down, alright? Vanillite is just getting used to being part of Zane's team. It's nothing to get jealous over."

Swadloon: "You're not worried?"

Haxorus: "Why would I be? Zane cares for all of us equally. He would never pick favorites over any one of us. Anyway, I'm tired, so I'm going to sleep."

<Haxorus curls up and goes to sleep on the ground. Swadloon looks over at Vanillite as it cuddles with Zane while he's talking with Amy, Holly, Arthur, and Liam>.

Swadloon: "Vanillite?!"

Zane's Vanillite: "Huh? Yeah?"

Swadloon: "Stop kissing up to Zane like that! I've been with him longer, so don't try to become his favorite!"

Zane's Vanillite: "I don't know what you're talking about. I'm just getting a feel for what a warm human is like. It's nice."

<Swadloon becomes furious and tackles Vanillite away from Zane. They hit the ground>

Zane: "Hey! What's going on?!"

Swadloon: "Zane is my Trainer first!"

Zane's Vanillite: "I care about him more, though."

<Both Pokémon crash heads and begin fighting furiously>

Zane: "Swadloon, Vanillite, please stop fighting!"

Arthur: "Oh no."

Amy: "Why are they fighting exactly?"

Holly: "Beats me. Liam, you got any clue?"

Liam: "I think I sense a rivalry between those two, since Zane's Vanillite is a guy, and my Vanillite is a girl, Swadloon is jealous since there's another girl"

Whismur: "Ooooooogh......oooogh.....Waaaahhhhhhhh!"

<Whismur emits a loud screaming shockwave, making everyone covering their ear>

Zane: "Why is Whismur screaming?!"

Liam: "That's Whismur's Screech attack, and it's so loud too!"

Amy: "No kidding! It's hurting my ears!"

Liam's Vanillite: *covering its ears* "My poor ears"

Azelf: *covering its ears* "That's Screech for ya"

Swadloon: "Agh, it's so loud!"

Zane's Vanillite: "Yeah! We kind of figured it!"

<Liam pets Whismur and calms down>

Liam: "It's alright Whismur, thanks for doing that, and I didn't know you learned Hyper Voice."

Whismur: "Thanks Liam."

Normal POV

Liam: "Swadloon, you remember that Vanillite you were fighting earlier?"

Swadloon: "Swad..." (Yeah...)

Liam: "The thing is.........Zane's Vanillite, the one you've been fighting, is actually a guy."

Swadloon: "Loon?!" (What?!)

Zane: "A guy? I didn't know you could tell the difference."

Liam: "The female one is actually my Vanillite, she has a pink bow on her head."

Arthur: "I swear sometimes, Liam, you can cause trouble where it wasn't needed."

Holly: "At least nothing bad happened."

<In the distance, loud roaring can be heard rupturing through the dense trees all around them>

Amy: "Uh...what was that?"

<A giant herd of Ursaring stampede through their break spot and begin violently attacking everything and everyone in sight>

Amy: "Where did all these Ursaring come from?!"

<Liam checks the Ursaring in his Pokedex>

Liam's Pokedex: "Ursaring, the Hibernator Pokémon and the evolved form of Teddiursa. Ursaring searches for honey in a forest daily. To reach its food, it often snaps trees with its forelegs rather than climbing."

Arthur: "Probably from Whismur's loud screech! Thanks for that, Liam! Your Whismur startled these Ursaring and now they're angry!"

Holly: "We should probably run for it!"

Zane: "Yeah! Let's get out of here!"

Liam: "Good idea."

<They all run, passing by Zane's Croconaw and Zane's Haxorus>

Haxorus: "Haxorus?" (Zane?)

Zane: "Haxourus, Croconaw, run for it!"

Liam: "And they're really mad due to Whismur's Screech attack"

Croconaw: "Croc?" (What?)

<Several minutes later, Liam was panting and was out of breath>

Liam: "I think we lost them, guys......Guys?"

<Liam notices there's only Swadloon, the Vanillite duo, Fennekin, Quilava and Croconaw>

Liam: "Uh oh, looks like we accidentally gotten ourselves separated"

Swadloon: "Swadloon. Swad." (This is bad. Really bad.)

Quilava: "Quilava." (Calm down.)

Zane's Vanillite: "Vanill, Vanillite?!" (Zane, Zane where are you?!)

Liam's Vanillite: "Van van Vanillite?" (What will we do now?)

Liam: "Let's all stay calm, and let's find the others."

Croconaw: "Croconaw." (Right.)

Fennekin: "Fenne kin." (Good idea.)

<Meanwhile, Zane was almost out of breath and stops, and panting>

Zane: "That was close. Everyone good?"

<He looks around and finds a mismatched set of everyone's Pokémon with him>

Flareon: "Flare? On?" (Liam? Anyone?)

Azelf: "Azelf zelf." (That was awful.)

<Whismur was sobbing her eyes out while Espeon being the mother type calms her down>

Whismur: "Whis......murrrrr" (Liam.....waaaah)

Espeon: *Wraps her tail around Whismur and rubs its soft head against it*

Whismur: "whiss...Whis whis mur, whismur mur" (Sniff...Thanks Espeon, I needed that)

Zane: "How are we supposed to find the others?"

Espeon: "Espeon." (Not sure.)

Flareon: "Flar eon, flare." (I'm with you.)

Azelf: "Azelf, zelf azelf azelf azelf zelf azelf?" (Zane, do you want me to look around to see if I find someone?)

Zane: "Sure. See if you can find them up high."

<Azelf floats up high, looking around, it turns left then right, then later flies down back to Zane>

Zane: "Anything, Azelf?"

<Azelf shook its head sadly>

Azelf: "Azelf Az. Azelf zelf." (Sadly no. I'm sorry, Zane.)

Zane: "It's alright. We'll just keep trying."

<In the other group, Arthur was exhausted from running only to find out he was with his Gulpin, Liam's Swalot and Minun>

Arthur: "Great. Now we're completely lost in the forest."

Gulpin: "Pin?" (We are?)

Swalot: "Swa Swalot lot?" (Is everyone alright?)

Gulpin: "Gulpin." (Yeah.)

Minun: "Mai mai nun nun nun?" (Now what will we do?)

Swalot: "Swalot lot swalot swa swa lot lot." (I think we should look for the others, Arthur.)

Arthur: "Yeah. We should probably head back toward the campsite. In think it was this way. Come on."

<In the other group, Holly and Amy were out of breath and only Zane's Haxorus and Liam's Pidove were with them>

Pidove: "Pidove dove pidove, Pidove dove" (Holly and Amy, I'll go and look in the sky)

Amy: "Be careful, Pidove."

Haxorus: "Haxor..." (Careful...)

Holly: "Let us know if you find anything up there!"

<Meanwhile, Liam's group spots someone unconscious>

Liam: "Huh? Oh no!"

Swadloon: "Swadloon." (Over there.)

Liam: "Look over there."

<The Pokémon look and gasp to see an unconscious small bear-like pokemon with a crescent-shaped moon on its forehead>

Fennekin: "Fennekin kin?" (Who's that Pokémon?)

Croconaw: "Croc...?" (Maybe...?)

Liam: "Teddiursa?"

<Liam scans his Pokedex>

Liam's Pokedex: "Teddiursa, the Little Bear Pokémon. This cute, cuddly Pokémon is easily frightened and frequently licks its paws, which are usually covered with sweet honey."

Quilava: "Quilava." (It looks hurt.)

Liam: "I think I have a Sitrus Berry and a Revive that might help it."

<Liam goes through his bag and picks up a Sitrus Berry and a Revive>

Swadloon: "Swadloon?" (Find it?)

Liam: "Yes I did. Swadloon, could you use your String Shot to support Teddiursa's wounds?"

Swadloon: "Loon." (Sure.)

<Swadoon fires String Shot to cover Teddiursa's wound, while Liam puts a bandage on Teddiursa's arm from his first-aid kit>

Liam: "Thanks Swadloon!"

Swadloon: "Swadloon." (You're welcome.)

<Liam sprays Teddiursa with the Revive then feeds it a Sitrus Berry. Teddiursa eats the berry, it twitched then slowly opened its eyes>

Teddiursa: "Teddi....ursa?" ( I?)

Liam: "You're awake!"

Zane's Vanillite: "Vanillite. Vanill." (Hello there. Glad you're okay.)

Swadloon: "Swad..." (Yeah...)

Liam's Vanillite: "Vanill lite lite" (We were so worried)

Quilava: "Quilava." (We sure were.)

<Meanwhile, Haxorus stops and stands in one place>

Amy: "Haxorus?"

Holly: "Something wrong?"

<Haxorus suddenly turns and uses Dragon Pulse on something nearby. It explodes in the trees further away>

Holly: "Haxorus, what did you do that for?!"

Haxorus: "Haxorus!" (Something's following us!)

<Pidove returns with a smile>

Holly: "Find something, Pidove?"

Pidove: "Pidove dove!" (I sure did)

<Out of the bushes was Liam, and the rest of the Pokemon was with him>

Amy: "Liam, it's you!"

Liam: "There you are, Amy, Holly"

<Pidove swooped over to Liam and glomps him>

Pidove: "Pidove!" (Liam!)

Liam: "I'm so glad you're okay, Pidove."

<They hear a rustle in the bushes>

Arthur: "Guys!"

Amy: "Arthur!"

Holly: "Glad you're alright."

Arthur: "Has anyone seen Zane?"

<Meanwhile, Zane and the Pokémon wander through the forest, still in search of their friends in a distant location>

Zane: "Nothing..."

Espeon: *Pricks its ears up and looks through some trees*

Zane: "Espeon, something wrong?"

<Suddenly, a rampaging Ursaring busted through the trees and started attacking everyone>

Zane: "Look out!"

<Ursaring attacks with a variety of devastating attacks and cuts through entire lines of trees until getting hit by Espeon's Psybeam attack>

Zane: "Great work, Espeon! Let's get out of here!"

Liam: "Look, its Zane."

<Ursaring launches Hyper Beam at Zane>

Liam: "ZANE, WATCH OUT!!!!"

<Zane covers his eyes awaiting for impact, then Swadloon dives in front and takes the hit>

Swadloon: "LOON!!!" (ZANE!!!)

Liam & Zane: "SWADLOON!!"

<Swadloon is enduring the Hyper Beam>

Liam: "That Hyper Beam has got to hurt."

Zane: "Swadloon!"

<From within the Hyper Beam, a bright blue light blasts through it and negates the attack. Swadloon changes shape and its overall appearance entirely. The light bursts into blue-colored shards and Swadloon has changed completely>

Zane: "Swadloon! You evolved!"

Zane's Pokedex: "Leavanny, the Nurturing Pokémon, and the evolved form of Swadloon. When Leavanny finds a small Pokémon it makes clothing for it with its arm cutters, using leaves and sticky silk."

Zane: "Awesome! Leavanny, you're amazing!"

<Ursaring charges Leavanny and swipes at it with giant, glowing claws>

Zane: "Leavanny!"

<Leavanny dodges with split second timing and jumps into the air above Ursaring. It descends quickly, crossing its leaf arms and crashing into Ursaring with powerful energy generated from it>

Arthur: "Looks to be that Leavanny learned X-Scissor."

<Suddenly, Levanny's leaves glow green and strikes Ursaring hard>

Liam: "That's Leaf Blade."

<Leavanny rushes at an incredible speed, and its arms glow metallic>

Arthur: "That's not a move I expected a Grass-type like Leavanny to learn so easily."

Liam: "Hold on, Leavanny can learn Steel Wing? That's a Steel-type move."

<Ursaring was about to attack, until Liam stops them>

Liam: "Hold on!"

Leavanny: "Van?" (Liam?)

<Liam was carrying Teddiursa in his arms>

Ursaring: *Growls angrily*

Liam: "Calm down, Ursaring. I was helping her. Teddiursa was injured, I couldn't just leave it"

<Ursaring thought for a moment, until Teddiursa spoke up>

Teddiursa: "Teddi tedi ursa ursa sa teddy." (Liam is really nice, he helped me treat my wounds.)

<Ursaring closed its eyes, then opened them with a smile>

Liam: "Please believe me."

<Ursaring nods and walks off through the trees again, disappearing from their view>

Zane: *Sighs* "That's a relief. I'm glad Ursaring was so understanding. So, Liam, you going to add Teddiursa to your team?"

Teddiursa: "Teddi? Teddi ursa?" (Please? Can I join your team?)

<Liam smiles>

Liam: "Sure!"

<Liam pulls a Heal Ball, as Teddiursa taps it with her paw, it dings with sparkles indicating Teddiursa's capture>

Liam: "That's awesome, I got Teddiursa"

<Liam checks his Pokedex>

Liam Pokedex: "The moves this Teddiursa knows are: Slash, Play Rough and Facade, it is a female and its ability is Pickup"

Leavanny: "Leavanny!" (Zane I'm sorry!)

Zane: "Leavanny, it's okay. I'm not mad at you. I'm just happy that you're okay."

Leavanny: "Leavan...vanny?" (You're...not mad?)

Zane: "Of course not. Please promise me that you'll be more careful. I couldn't forgive myself if anything happened to you. What kind of Trainer would I be if I let my friends get hurt?"

<Leavanny and Zane hug and Leavanny cries with tears of joy>

Narrator:"Bonds between Trainer and Pokémon can be as meaningful and deep as anyone wishes to make them. On top of that, Swadloon has evolved into Leavanny and Liam adds Teddiursa to the family. What awaits our heroes on their next stop is giving me the jitters. Stay tuned!"