<Liam, who was walking with Zane and co. was speaking to Zane>

Liam: "Thanks for letting me join your travels."

Zane: "No worries, Liam. The more people, the better. But I wanted to ask you something before we continue on." *Stops walking* "Will you have a Pokemon battle with me?"

Liam: "Sure, we'll use 3 Pokémon and if all of the 3 Pokémon on either side is unable to battle, that match is over, by the way, we can both make substitutions if necessary, and here's my first Pokemon. *toss a heal ball in the air*, Minun, here we go!"

<A Minun appears out from Liam's Heal Ball>

Minun: "Mai mai" (I'm ready)

Zane: "A Minun, huh?"

Zane's Pokedex: "Minun, the Cheering Pokémon. Minun cares more for its teammates than for itself, sending off showers of sparks while cheering them on."

Liam: I caught Minun before I joined you!

Zane: *Takes a Pokeball out* "Awesome! Time to show you my first Pokemon!"

<Zane tosses the Pokeball and it opens with Cyndaquil appearing onto the field>

Zane: "This is my Cyndaquil."

Liam: "So that's a Cyndaquil!"

<Liam gets out his Pokedex to scans Cyndaquil>

Liam's Pokedex: "Cyndaquil, the Fire Mouse Pokémon. Normally mild and even tempered, Cyndaquil will shoot a scorching flame out of its back when upset."

Liam: "So its a Fire-type. Don't let your guard down, Minun!"

Minun: *nods* "Mai Mai" (Understood)

Liam: "Let's start with Iron Tail"

<Minun's tail glows metallic and swings it closer towards Cyndaquil>

Zane: "Cyndaquil, dodge it and use Flame Charge!"

<Cyndaquil jumps back before Iron Tail hits it. Fire engulfs Cyndaquil's body as it charges straight for Minun>

Liam: "Dodge that, then use Metronome!"

<Minun jumps out of the way and his hands glow and starts swaying left and right>

Pidove: "Pidove dove, Pidove dove dove Pi pi dove" (Metronome's unpredictable, There's no telling what attack Minun will use)

<Minun's fingers glow brighter and point to Cyndaquil, Minun jumps in the air and suddenly makes a pose look sorta like Hawlucha's, and its body glows orange and swoops down towards Cyndaquil>

Liam: "I've never seen a Metronome do that before. Zane, what attack did Metronome warp into?"

Zane: "Not sure. Metronome's not a move that I'm familiar with. Cyndaquil, dodge and use Ember!"

<Cyndaquil runs to dodge, but trips on a large rock ahead of it, causing it to hit the ground. Minun's attack impacts and launches Cyndaquil into a tree beside Zane>

Zane: "Cyndaquil!"

Liam: "I think Metronome warped into a Flying Press attack."

<Cyndaquil stands back up and shakes off the impact. It runs back to the field and blazes the fires on its back more brightly than ever before>

Zane: "Alright! Now Cyndaquil's sparked for battle! Let's show them your Flame Charge at full strength!"

<Cyndaquil's suddenly engulfed again inside torrents of fire as it charges toward Minun with speeds faster than before>

Liam: "Wild Charge, maximum power"

<Minun's body is engulfed with electricity and charges with all his might, the collision of Flame Charge and Wild Charge was so powerful, it knocks both Minun and Cyndaquil out, both of them have swirls for eyes>

Liam: "Oh no, Minun!"

Arthur: "Both Minun and Cyndaquil are unable to battle! The first match is a draw! Bring out your second Pokemon!"

Amy: "Go, Zane!"

Holly: "Show him what you're made of!"

Zane: *Nods and smiles while returning Cyndaquil to its Pokeball* "You were great, Cyndaquil. Take a nice rest for now." *Tosses another Pokeball* "Go, Croconaw!"

<Croconaw materializes onto the field with a great fighting spirit and lots of energy>

Liam: "Minun return, *smiles while looking at Minun in his Heal Ball* thanks Minun, you were amazing. Get some rest. So he's using a water type now"

<Liam brings out his Pokedex>

Liam's Pokedex: "Croconaw, the Big Jaw Pokémon, and the evolved form of Totodile. Once it bites down on something, it won't let go until it loses its fangs. But new fangs grow back quickly."

Liam: "I guess Totodile must've evolved. Alright, Gulpin, I choose you!

<Gulpin materializes onto the field with his mouth moving but not yawning>

Gulpin: "Guuul pin" (It's my turn)

Zane's Pokedex: "Gulpin, the Stomach Pokémon. Gulpin is able to swallow items of its own size whole, as its stomach compresses most of its body. Its unique stomach acid allows it to digest almost anything."

Zane: "Start with Bite!"

<Croconaw charges at Gulpin with incredible speed as its large teeth glow, readying to bite down on Gulpin>

Liam: "Use Pound to dodge, aim your antennae to the ground"

<Gulpin slams his antennae to the ground, and makes a huge leap and dodges Croconaw's Bite>

Zane: "Croconaw, jump after Gulpin and use Hydro Pump!"

<Croconaw nods and leaps off the ground toward Gulpin. Croconaw appears above Gulpin by several feet and launches a massive stream of rushing water from its mouth>

<Gulpin is hit by it and starts glowing red for some reason, after the damage was done, Gulpin suddenly was engulfed in flames>

Liam: "Gulpin, No!"

Gulpin: "Gul gul gul gul gul gul gul gul" (HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT)

Liam: "Hot? Hold on, hot? *calls to Zane* Zane, your Pokedex, check out what move it is since Gulpin is saying "Hot" repeatedly?"

Zane: "Sure..."

Zane's Pokedex: "Scald is a move that, along with causing initial damage, also causes burn damage."

Zane: "Scald? But I told Croconaw to use Hydro Pump. Still, it's a good move I guess."

Liam: "So Croconaw learned how to use Scald."

Amy: "Why didn't Croconaw use the move Zane told it to use?"

Arthur: "Sometimes Pokemon misunderstand the command their Trainer gives them. It happens from time to time."

Zane: "Okay, Croconaw, while Gulpin's taking damage from the Burn, use Bite again!"

<Croconaw bites down hard on its own teeth as it charges Gulpin head-on. It opens its mouth wide and reveals its glowing teeth>

<Gulpin is hit and is thrown to the ground, not getting up>

Liam: "Gulpin, please stand up, I know you can, please Gulpin?"

<Gulpin is still not getting up, Arthur looked closely and declared>

Arthur: "Guess that's it for Gulpin. The winner of this round goes to..."

<Gulpin starts to move, and slowly getting up but bruised in the process>

Liam: That's the spirit, Gulpin. We don't give up hope!

<Gulpin opens its mouth and shouts loudly and then suddenly begins to glow light blue, then light blue lines surround Gulpin>

Liam: "Now what?"

Amy: "I know that light from anywhere."

Arthur: "This battle just got a whole lot more interesting."

<Gulpin starts to grow larger and grows whiskers in its mouth, as the glow fades, it reveals a Swalot>

Swalot: "SWALOOOOOOOOOT" (Yeaaaaaaaaaaah!)

Liam: *excited* Awesome! Gulpin has evolved into Swalot!

Liam's Pokedex: "Swalot, the Poison Bag Pokémon, and the evolved form of Gulpin. Swalot sprays a powerful poison onto its opponents from its pores."

Zane: "That's great, Liam! Now Swalot's a much stronger opponent! Croconaw, let's show them what we've been through together! Use Hydro Pump!"

<A giant stream of water leaves Croconaw's mouth and heads toward Swalot>

Liam: "Block it with Hyper Beam!"

<Swalot obeyed with a nod, and launches a powerful devastating beam which blocks Hydro Pump>

Zane: "Croconaw, look out!"

<Hyper Beam cuts through Hydro Pump and impacts Croconaw directly, launching it back and crashing through a large boulder>

Zane: "Croconaw!"

<Croconaw struggles back to its feet, but falls and faints on the ground>

Arthur: "Croconaw's unable to battle, so, Swalot wins the second round!"

Holly: "Zane's down to his last Pokemon, right?"

Amy: "Yeah. I hope he's got a plan to make some comeback soon."

Arthur: "It's Zane. Of course he does. At least, I'm really hoping for something clever from him."

<Zane returns Croconaw to its Pokeball and clips it to his belt. He grabs the Pokeball adjacent to it and activates it>

Zane: "You're really strong, Liam. I can tell by how much your Pokemon love the battle. That shows that you have a really close bond with your Pokemon. I feel the same way about my Pokemon. I'll always believe in their strength, and that's why I'll give you everything that I've got to give." *Tosses the Pokeball* "Go, Espeon! You're the star of this battle now!"

<Espeon materializes onto the field and purrs cutely>

<Suddenly, the burn takes its toll on Swalot and collapses to the ground with swirls for eyes>

Liam: "No, Swalot!"

Arthur: "Swalot is unable to battle! This round goes to Espeon!"

Espeon: *Purrs cutely*

<Liam recalls Swalot back to its ball and smiles softly>

Liam: "I guess the burn damage took its toll on you. Sorry Swalot, but you deserve a nice long rest"

<Liam brings out a Great Ball, and activates it>

Liam: "It's finally your turn, I choose you!"

<He tosses the ball in the air of the sky it materializes and reveals a Pokemon that looks like a pixie with two tails with a gem on each tail, it's head is blue all over and has a gem on its head, it swoops down and enters in the field in front of Liam.>

???: "Zeeeeeeeeeeelf" (Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!)

Zane: "Whoa, never seen a Pokemon like that before."

Zane's Pokedex: "Azelf, the Willpower Pokemon. Known as "The Being of Willpower." It sleeps at the bottom of lakes to keep the world in balance."

Zane: "That's a Legendary Pokemon. This'll be a great battle. Espeon, get Azelf with Quick Attack!"

<An outline of Espeon's body glows as it runs straight for Azelf. Its speed increases dramatically>

Liam: "Dodge it and use Flamethrower!"

<Azelf avoids the Quick Attack by floating higher, it opens its mouth and launches fire in its mouth and heads for Espeon>

Zane: "Espeon, dodge it!"

<Espeon stops its attack and stays in one spot as the Flamethrower hit. It explodes into a dark smoke cloud. Espeon jumps out and lands in front of Zane; shaking off some ash from its purple fur coat>

Zane: "Psybeam, go!"

<The shiny gem on its forehead glows and shoots out a beam of colorful energy toward Azelf>

Liam: "Block it with Flamethrower, Azelf"

<Azelf blocks it by firing Flamethrower, the two attacks collide, resulting an explosion>

Liam: "Now that was a draw."

<Zane smiles>

Zane: "I wouldn't say that was much of a draw, Liam."

<Espeon suddenly emerges through the smoke created by the explosion and quickly uses Quick Attack; sprinting toward Azelf without stopping>

Liam: "Quick, use Iron Tail with maximum power"

<Azelf's tails glows metallic, and with a collision, they were in opposite sides, looking at one another, Espeon staggered to one knee, Azelf smiled smugly but collapses with swirls for eyes>

Liam: "Ack, Azelf"

Azelf: *moans* "Zelllllll.....ugh" (I'm done........ugh)

Arthur: "Azelf is unable to battle! Espeon wins, and that makes Zane the winner of this battle!"

Zane: "Yeah! We won!"

Espeon: *Purrs excitingly*

<Liam rushes over to his collapsed Azelf and picks him up>

Liam: "You were excellent, Azelf, you deserve a nice long rest"

<He walks over to Liam after returning Espeon to its own Pokeball>

Zane: "Thanks for that awesome battle. You're a really strong Trainer, and your Pokemon are strong too. Hope we can battle again with even better stakes on the rise."

<Suddenly, they hear a noise hiding in the rustling bushes, Liam and co. hear it, and out popped a Pokemon that looked like a heart it an oddly lookin' lip and it appeared to be upset and angry>

Liam: "Who's that Pokemon?"

Liam's Pokedex: "Luvdisc, the Rendezvous Pokémon. Luvdisc group together during breeding season, covering the surface of the ocean in a brilliant pink."

<Luvdisc shoots out a Hydro Pump at the gang>

Liam: "Luvdisc is attacking us with Hydro Pump. Minun, stop that Luvdisc!"

Zane: "I'll lend a hand, too!" *Activates a Pokeball and tosses it out onto the field. Croconaw appears*

<Liam sends out his Minun, and blocks it with Thunderbolt, this upsets Luvdisc and it uses a barrage of hearts towards Minun>

Liam: "Watch out, that's Attract!"

<The hearts surround Minun while spinning and it hits Minun, who's eyes become hearts, Minun was in love with Luvdisc>

Liam: "Minun, snap out of it!" *thinks to himself* "My Minun is male, so I guess that Luvdisc is female"

<Luvdisc's body glows and charges at Minun, hitting him hard, Minun is sent flying to the ground>

Liam: "That was Double-Edge, and a strong one!"

<Minun slowly stands up but is struggling to do so.>

Liam: "Are you okay to keep going?"

Minun: *nods* "Mai!" (Yes!)

Zane: "We'll help out, too. Croconaw, use Hydro Pump on Luvdisc!"

<Croconaw shoots out a massive stream of water from its large mouth and it heads straight for Luvdisc>

Minun: "Mai? Mai mai!" (Wait? I got it!)

<Minun hops over to Zane and taps Cyndaquil's Pokeball, summoning it>

Minun: "Mai Mai Mai, Nun Mai mai mai nun nun" (Here's the plan Cyndaquil, I'm going to teach you a new move, Croconaw will distract Luvdisc)

Cyndaquil: "Cynda?" (A new move?)

Minun: "Mai mai mai mai, mai mai!" (I'm gonna teach you, Wild Charge)

Liam: Zane, do you translate Minun's language?

Zane: "Sorry. I don't speak Pokemon, really. But I think Minun wants Cyndaquil to work with it to stop Luvdisc. If that's the case, then Croconaw can distract them. Croconaw, use Bite on Luvdisc!"

<Croconaw slams its jaws open and closed before charging Luvdisc to bite down on it. Luvdisc slides out of the way and Croconaw recovers, jumping for a second attempt>.

Zane: "Liam, Croconaw and I will keep Luvdisc busy while Minun and Cyndaquil work some kind of plan out. Please take care of Cyndaquil for me."

Minun: "Mai mai mai" (Follow my lead)

<Minun performs Wild Charge and smashes a rock, Cyndaquil is thoroughly impressed>

Minun: "Mai mai, mai mai mai" (Now you try, Cyndaquil)

Cyndaquil: "Cynda quil quil" (I'm not sure if I can do it!)

Minun: "Mai mai mai, Mai nun nun" (Of course you can, I believe in you)

<Luvdisc uses Attract on Croconaw, but Croconaw dodges it and heads for Minun>

Cyndaquil: "Cynda, cynda" (Minun, watch out!)

<Cyndaquil dives in front of Minun and takes the hit of Attract, Minun covers his eyes>

Minun: *whimpers* "Maai mai mai" (I can't look)

<The Attract hits has no effect on Cyndaquil>

Liam: "Attract didn't work?"

Arthur: "Attract only works on the Pokemon of the opposite gender. If it didn't work on Cyndaquil, then Zane's Cyndaquil is female; making that Luvdisc a male."

Zane: "I know you can do it, Cyndaquil! Croconaw, use Bite again!"

<Croconaw jumps to use Bite on Luvdisc, but it dodges and smashes into Croconaw with Double Edge, knocking it back and causing it to crash into a tree>.

Liam: "Actually Luvdisc is female and so is Cyndaquil, there's has to be way to win this"

Minun: "Mai mai mai, mai mai" (That's your cue, Cyndaquil)

<Cyndaquil charges forward towards Luvdisc and then suddenly it's body its engulfed with yellow cloak, it smacks Luvdisc with tremendous power, but feels pain from the recoil damage, Luvdisc was about to use hydro pump but electricity prevents it from moving>

Zane: "Great! Croconaw, use Bite once more!"

<Croconaw uses Bite on Luvdisc and chomps down hard on its body. It throws Luvdisc to the ground and causes a hard impact>

Liam: "That was Wild Charge! A risky move that does a lot of damage to its opponent which sometimes paralyzes it's opponent, but there's a side effect to Wild Charge, it takes recoil damage from it, which will hurt Cyndaquil a bit."

Zane: "Cyndaquil, you were great out there. I'm so proud of you for learning Wild Charge."

Cyndaquil: "Cyndaquil!" (Thank you!)

<As the smoke clears from Wild Charge, it reveals Luvdisc who has sprawled to the ground with swirls for eyes>

Zane: "You can take this one, Liam. After all, I think Luvdisc would make an excellent addition to your team more than mine."

Liam: "You're right, Go, Pokeball"

<Luvdisc gets bonked by the Pokeball and is sucked inside, it wobbles a few times, and finally stops with ding and sparkles are shown revealed to be caught, Liam picks it up>

Liam: "I wonder why Luvdisc would attack us anyway?"