Setting: Trainers Aiden and Jessica continue their longest Pokemon battle ever within the arena at Cerferlion City. The crowd's cheering for both Trainers as now two of their legendary Pokemon face off. The Wishing Firebird known as Ho-Oh, and the Summoner of Ascended Lightning known as Zapdos.

Aiden: "So, we've finally got two legendary Pokemon to battle with..."

Jessica: "Sure looks that way. Aiden, can I ask you something before we start this match?"

Aiden: "Sure. What is it?"

Jessica: "Do you remember the day you saved me from some kids that bullied me?"

Aiden: "Of course. I'll always remember that day. We became friends that day, too."

Jessica: "I wanted to know why you saved me. You could've just ignored it and had no reasons to get involved, but you did anyway. Why?"

Aiden: "Because I wasn't gonna let some bullies hurt an innocent girl like that. They needed to be taught a lesson, and that's what I did with them."


<Three boys roughly pull on a young girls' hair and rub dirt all on her uniform. She tries to get away, but they block any hope of escape>.

Jessica: "Please, stop! Let me go!"

???: "Hey, leave her alone!"

<The three boys and Jessica look across the small courtyard as a boy rushes them and kicks and punches them into fleeing. Jessica looks at the boy as he reaches to help her up>.

Aiden: "Let me help you up."

Jessica: "Why did you do that for me?"

Aiden: "Because I can't stand watching bullies get away with picking on a girl. It's not right."

<She smiles and takes his hand, standing up and hugging him>.

---------------------------------------------------------------FLASHBACK END-------------------------------------------------

Jessica: "Aiden..."

Aiden: "Don't worry. I promise that we'll always be friends, okay?"

Jessica: "Yeah. Friends."

Aiden: "So let's make this battle one for the ages. You can have the first move."

Jessica: "Thanks. Zapdos, use Thunder!"

Aiden: "Ho-Oh, use Sacred Fire!"

<Zapdos and Ho-Oh unleash a large amount of lightning and fire which collide and explode in the center of the arena. Zapdos soars above the dust cloud and strikes again with Thunder. Ho-Oh dodges the Thunder attacks and fires a barrage of enormous fireballs at Zapdos. Zapdos dodges and both Pokemon now fight high in the sky>.

Jessica: "Thunderbolt!"

Aiden: "Brave Bird!"

<Zapdos discharges powerful electricity from its body at Ho-Oh who, at the same time, flew at Zapdos with its body engulfed inside blue fire. Thunderbolt hits and explodes, disabling Ho-Oh's Brave Bird. Ho-Oh tumbles backward, stopping shortly after and recovering>.

Jessica: "Zap Cannon, followed by Thunder!"

Aiden: "Ho-Oh, get ready!"

<Zapdos fires a beam of electricity at Ho-Oh. Zapdos then charges and shortly releases streams of lightning sparking from behind>.

Aiden: "Rock Smash!"

<Ho-Oh screeches toward the sky and calls down giant boulders. The boulders float and encircle Ho-Oh, creating a barrier. The Zap Cannon and Thunder hit the rocks, but instantly dissipate to nothingness>.

Jessica: 'Impressive. Using rocks as a technique to stop my electric attacks."

Aiden: "Looks like it worked. Now launch the boulders at Zapdos!"

<Ho-Oh expands its wings outward and launches the boulders at Zapdos like projectiles>.

Jessica: "Dodge them, Zapdos!"

<A boulder flies at Zapdos from the front, which it flies above it and dodges. Another comes from behind; dodged by flying toward the ground. The remaining fall from above as Zapdos flies close to the ground and dodging them as they strike the ground. A boulder manages to smash Zapdos from above and pin it to the ground>.

Jessica: "No, Zapdos!"

Aiden: "Let's finish off Zapdos! Ho-Oh, finish it with Hyper Beam!"

<Ho-Oh charges a ball of glowing energy inside its beak before releasing it as a beam that hits Zapdos on the ground and creates a planet-shaking explosion. Zapdos faints once the smoke clears up>.

Referee: "Zapdos, is unable to battle! Ho-Oh wins the round!"

Jessica: "Nice work, Zapdos. Return for now."

<Jessica returns Zapdos to its Pokeball and throws out another Pokeball. This time​ Arceus appears onto the battlefield and floats just above the ground. Arceus' eyes glow a bright red color>.

Aiden: "Arceas, huh? Alright. Ho-Oh, use Rock Smash!"

<Ho-Oh spreads its wings out to their full length and brings giant rocks down from above. They head for Arceus, but, are stopped by some protective field surrounding Arceus>.

Aiden: "What?! It didn't do anything!"

Jessica: "Arceus is tougher than you take him for. Arceas, use Flamethrower!"

<Arceas' eyes, again, glow a bright red color as a ball of fire leaves its mouth and hits Ho-Oh with an enormous explosion of black smoke that covers everything around. When it clears, Ho-Oh appears on the ground and has fainted>.

Aiden: "Ho-Oh fainted after that single Flamethrower?!"

Jessica: "Good job, Arceus. Return for now." *Returns Arceus to Pokeball and throws another* "Go, Infernape!"

Aiden: "Ho-Oh, return!" *Returns Ho-Oh and throws another Pokeball* "Nidoking, I choose you!"

Referee: "Battle begin!"

Jessica: "Infernape, Mach Punch!"

Aiden: "Block it, Nidoking!"

<Infernape throws a fast punch at Nidoking who blocks it with its armored hands. A blast of sound and delayed wind catches up and kicks up sand, rocks, and dirt from the chipped ground at their feet>.

Aiden: "Throw Infernape back and attack with Iron Head!"

<Nidoking throws Infernape back with all its strength. Infernape lands just as Nidoking charged it like a rampaging bull. Nidoking smashes into Infernape with a steel-hardened head. Infernape skids back on its feet and recovers>.

Jessica: "Flame Wheel!"

<Infernape's fiery mane grows and wraps around its body, forming a large spinning wheel of fire. It speeds on the ground and hits Nidoking. Nidoking smashes the wheel into the ground and cracks the surface. It large tail swings around and hits Infernape in the face. Once more, Infernape's thrown like a ragdoll back to Jessica's side of the field>.

Jessica: "Infernape, are you okay to still battle?"

<Infernape nods to confirm that it can still fight. Nidoking runs at Infernape and jumps from above to attack. Infernape steps to the side and delivers a powerful straight kick to Nidoking's side, creating a pocket of sound and wind that rockets Nidoking against the arena wall. Nidoking hits the ground and faints>.

Aiden: "Nidoking!" *Returns Nidoking and throws another Pokeball* "Rhyperior, let's get crushing!"

<Rhyperior appears onto the field and lifts its giant, rocky hands into the air. It stomps its feet onto the ground to intimidate Infernape>.

Jessica: "Infernape, you alright to continue?"

Infernape: "Nape." ("Yes.")

Jessica: "Okay. Infernape, use Flame Wheel!"

<Its mane coils around its slender body and forms a giant, spinning wheel which speeds off toward Rhyperior>.

Aiden: "Rhyperior, use Rapid Spin!"

<Rhyperior retracts and forms a shell of its body. It spins around rapidly and knocks Infernape's Flame Wheel off course. Infernape stops its attack and controls itself again>.

Aiden: "Use Smack Down!"

<Rhyperior jets off of its stationary placement and grabs Infernape with blinding speed. It uses both hands and smashes Infernape into the ground. Rhyperior jumps away>.

Jessica: "Infernape, use Flamethrower quick!"

Aiden: "Intercept with Stone Edge!"

<Spiked rocks appear around Rhyperior and circle around its body. Infernape jumps out and launches scorching fire from its mouth. Rhyperior, at the same time, fires Stone Edge in rapid succession. Both attacks collide in the center and negate each other with a smaller explosion. Rhyperior fires another barrage of spiked stones which come at Infernape in surprise, giving it no time to block. Infernape falls to the ground and faints>.

Referee: "Rhyperior takes the eighth round!"

Jessica: *Returns Infernape and calls out Garchomp to the battle now. Garchomp roars at Rhyperior* "Looks like these battles are getting quicker."

Aiden: "That just makes it that much more fun to want to win. Rhyperior, use Smack Down!"

<Rhyperior charges at Garchomp and goes to grab Garchomp from the front>.

Jessica: "Garchomp, stop Rhyperior with Dragon Tail!"

<Garchomp smashes Rhyperior with its glowing tail. Rhyperior grabs Garchomp's tail and hangs onto it>.

Aiden: "Fire Punch!"

Jessica: "Dragon Claw!"

<Both Rhyperior and Garchomp collide their attacks and create an explosion between them. Garchomp flies into the air and comes down from above, slicing Rhyperior with its glowing claws. Rhyperior explodes inside a giant cloud of black smoke and fire. Rhyperior emerges bruised and injured>.

Aiden: "Rhyperior, you're too hurt to battle anymore!"

Rhyperior: *Stomps the ground and stays put where it is*

Aiden: "Rhyperior..." *Smiles and nods* "Alright. Rhyperior go at Garchomp with everything! Use Megahorn!"

<Rhyperior charges Garchomp as its large horn begins to spin rapidly and extends while coming to a sharp point at the tip. Garchomp blocks Rhyperior's Megahorn attack throws Rhyperior into the air>.

Jessica: "Dragon Rush, Garchomp!"

<Garchomp flies up and soars over Rhyperior, then swoops down as rushing energy engulfs its body. A dragon's face appears and smashes into Rhyperior's chest. Both Pokemon crash into the ground; Garchomp emerging with some bruises and dust markings, while Rhyperior lies on its back inside of a giant crater. Rhyperior tries to get up, but faints due to exhaustion and damage taken by Garchomp>.

Referee: "Rhyperior's unable to continue, so Garchomp wins this round!"

Aiden: *Returns Rhyperior and clips the device to his belt. He takes out another Pokeball and tosses it*

<Haxorus now appears onto the battlefield and roars at Garchomp. Both Pokemon fiercely growl at each other>.

Aiden: "Haxorus, Dragon Claw!"

<Haxorus jets off from the ground and slashes Garchomp instantly with a large claw made of energy. Garchomp explodes into the air with bruises and deep scratches in its skin>.

Jessica: "Dragon Rush, Garchomp!"

Aiden: "Block it with Dragon Pulse!"

<Garchomp rushes at Haxorus from the air with energy around its body. Haxorus throws an orb of energy at Garchomp. The attacks collide and explode. Garchomp's thrown back into the air and recovers>.

Aiden: "Dragon Tail!"

<Haxorus jumps into the air and smashes its glowing tail down on Garchomp's head. Haxorus' tail flicks Garchomp down and smashes Garchomp into the ground. Garchomp emerges again and growls at Haxorus>.

Jessica: "Garchomp won't be beaten that easily."

Aiden: "Then we'll just keep the pressure up. Garchomp's going down! Haxorus, use Metal Sound!"

<Haxorus' large tusks glow a white color and emit a loud noise that irritates Garchomp's hearing. Garchomp growls and roars while covering its ears>.

Jessica: "Garchomp! Hang in there!" *Reaches into her belt pouch and replaces the stone in her bracelet. She touches it and activates tethers between her stone and the stone on Garchomp. Garchomp becomes surrounded by light energy and reappears completely changed. Garchomp roars and cracks the ground in half* "Mega Garchomp, let's quiet Haxorus! Use Slash!"

<Garchomp flies through the Metal Sound waves and readies to cut into Haxorus>.

Aiden: "Block with Dragon Tail!"

<Haxorus blocks Slash with its glowing tail and knocks Garchomp away from it. Garchomp swoops into the attempt Slash again, but Haxorus dodges and smacks Garchomp away with Dragon Tail again>.

Jessica: "Dragon Rush!"

<Garchomp rushes at Haxorus and smashes into its chest with a hard impact. Garchomp pushes against Haxorus and rockets both of them back>.

Aiden: "Haxorus! Gain the foothold and aim Dragon Pulse at the ground!"

<Haxorus smashes its feet into the ground and manages to slow down its quick movement backward. Haxorus uses a free hand and throws a ball of energy into the ground. The ball explodes and knocks both Pokemon away from each other. Garchomp crashes to the ground and turns back to its orginal form before fainting; Haxorus also faints after smashing into the arena protection wall>.

Referee: "Both Pokemon are unable to battle! The round results in a draw!"

Aiden: *Returns Haxorus and calls out Excadrill now*

Jessica: *Returns Garchomp and calls out Sylveon to battle now*

Referee: "Begin!"

Jessica: "Giga Impact!"

Aiden: "Drill Run!"

<Sylveon charges Excadrill and ignites powerful energy from its body. Excadrill jumps into the air and encases its body inside of its drill hands; spinning like a fast drill and launching itself at Giga Impact. Both attacks hit and crashes against each other. The attacks push against each other until Giga Impact gains the upper hand and knocks Excadrill high into the air>.

Aiden: "Excadrill!"

Jessica: "Grab Excadrill!"

<Sylveon's ribbons reach out and grab Excadrill. Excadrill tries to get out, but is unable to gain any progress on freeing itself from Sylveon's grip on it>.

Aiden: "Get out, hurry!"

Jessica: "Smash Excadrill into the ground!"

<Sylveon orders its ribbons to smash Excadrill into the ground>.

Aiden: "Excadrill, use Dig!"

<Excadrill hits the ground and begins to burrow under it. Sylveon begins to be pulled under along with Excadrill>.

Jessica: "Syvelon, let go!"

Aiden: "Come back and use Focus Blast!"

<Excadrill emerges from the ground with Sylveon's ribbons still wrapped around it. A ball of blue energy grows inside Excadrill's palms before it throws it at Sylveon>.