<Zane and his friends stop on a mountain pathway and finally manage to see Crescent City in the distance. Zane becomes excited and cheers>

Zane: "There it is! Crescent City! I can see it!"

Arthur: "Yep. There it is."

<Zane takes off running, catching his friends off-guard. They chase after him down the mountain and into the city>

Amy: "Zane, wait up a second!"

Zane: "No time! I have to challenge the Gym Leader right away!"

Amy: "But you've barely done any training to prepare your Pokémon for the type of Pokémon that the Gym Leader's likely gonna use!"

Zane: "It'll be fine! I've got heart and faith in my Pokémon! That's all I need!"

<Zane races through the city and stops when a large crowd of people gather around the police station. He tries to find a way around, but doesn't locate another way>

Arthur: "What's going on here?"

???: "Hey, I wanna know why everything from my bakery disappeared!"

??? #2: "Yeah! I can't find my bicycle and I have a ride with my family today!"

Officer: "Everyone, please calm down! I assure you that the police are doing everything that they can to solve these series of thieving crimes! Please return home so we can do our jobs!"

<The crowd of people disassemble and scatter away from the station. The officer sighs in relief as the group walk up to her>

Zane: "Um, excuse me?"

Officer: "Sorry about that. We're having a series of thefts that have been occurring lately."

Holly: "How often have they been happening?"

Officer: "At least over the past couple weeks. Police can't figure out who or what would steal so much stuff from people."

Zane: "Could it be a Pokémon?"

Officer: "Maybe. The main thing that keeps getting stolen is food, though."

Zane: "Maybe it's just hungry."

Officer: "Maybe so, but we can't keep having it run around and taking food from other people. I'm sorry, but you'll have to excuse me. I've got to get back to solving the missing foods case."

<She walks back inside the station and they watch the automatic doors close behind her. They now walk down the sidewalk together>

Amy: "What do you suppose would want to take other people's food?"

Zane: "I bet it's a Pokémon."

Arthur: "What kind of Pokémon?"

Holly: "It would have to be one that could get around easily through the day and night hours of stores and homes."

Zane: *Scrolling through the entries of his Pokédex* "Hm. Nothing here that could possibly resemble that kind of Pokémon."

Arthur: "Well, maybe we should look around for some clues. Zane, the Gym isn't going anywhere, so maybe put off your battle until after we solve the problem."

Zane: "I guess you're right. I can wait to have that battle. Plus, I guess the city's getting ready for the Moon Festival."

<Later that night, the Moon festival is in full swing. People dressed in festive and bright clothing walk around the city as vendors sell various foods, trinkets, and souvenirs. Zane and Arthur walk out of the changing stalls wearing black and gray robes. Holly and Amy come out wearing blue and pink robes. Their hair is tied into unusual styles>

Amy: "So, how do we look?"

Arthur: "Great. You both look great."

Holly: "Thanks for the compliment. Zane?"

Zane: "Huh? Oh, right. Sorry. You look great. Both of you do."

<Zane and Holly walk around together as Arthur and Amy are in a group. Holly links arms with Zane as they tour the streets>

Holly: "So, what do you want to do first?"

Zane: "Maybe check out some of the food vendors?"

Holly: "Sounds great. Let's go."

<They enjoy festive foods from a nearby vendor as they walk around the streets again. After a little while, a strange Pokémon wanders out in front of them. It looks at them>

Zane's Pokédex: "Munchlax, the Big Eater Pokémon. It gobbles up its own body weight in food each day, and it swallows its food without almost any chewing."

Zane: "Awesome! Axew, let's get it!"

<Axew jumps down from his shoulder and growls at Munchlax. Munchlax looks at them before waddling off in the other direction>

Zane: "Hey, get back here! Axew, use Scratch!"

<Axew runs at Munchlax and scratches at it from behind with its glowing claws. Munchlax turns around and bites down on Axew's head. Axew thrashes around as it tries to get out of Munchlax's mouth>

Zane: "Axew! Shake it off and get out of there!"

<Axew thrashes around desperately as it tries to pry itself from Munchlax's mouth. Munchlax finally opens its mouth, Axew falling out of it and hitting the ground>

Zane: "Axew, you alright?"

Axew: *Nods* "Axew, ew, ew." (Yes, master, I'm alright.)

Holly: "Zane, the Pokédex said that Munchlax eats its body weight in food everyday, right?"

Zane: "Yeah..."

Holly: "Maybe Munchlax's been taking the food from people and eating it."

Zane: "You think so?"

Holly: "Maybe."

Zane: "Well thief or not, Munchlax is gonna be my Pokémon for sure! Axew, Dragon Pulse!"

<An energy ball flies at Munchlax, exploding and causing it to hit the ground. It struggles to stand up again>

Zane: "Axew, Dragon Claw again!"

<Axew runs at Munchlax with its glowing claws and scratches it repeatably. Munchlax faints on the ground. Zane throws a Pokéball and watches it bounce off Munchlax, open, bring it inside, and catch it>

Zane: "Yeah! I caught Munchlax!"

<Later that night, they all meet up again on the street>

Arthur: "Well, you look happy."

Zane: "Sure am. I caught the little food thief."

Arthur: "You did? Who was it?"

Zane: "I'll introduce you, then." *Takes out the Pokéball*

<It opens in his hand and Munchlax materializes on the sidewalk>

Amy: "A Munchlax?"

Zane: "Yep. Holly figured out that Munchlax's appetite was likely behind its food thief spree all over the city."

Arthur: "Well, I guess the mystery of the food thief is over with."

<A tall woman walks up to them and bumps into Zane from the side>

???: "Oh, I'm sorry. Please forgive me."

Zane: "No worries. It was my fault. I'm Zane."

???: "I'm Vanessa."

Zane: "Nice to meet you. Um, I was wondering where I might find the Crescent City Gym."

Vanessa: "The Gym, huh? Why would you want to go there?"

Zane: "I wanna challenge the Gym Leader there and earn my second badge."

Vanessa: "Your second, huh? Well, it just so happens that I'm pretty close in relations with the Gym Leader. I can get you there if you'd like."

Zane: "Sounds great."

Arthur: "We'll join you and cheer you on."

<They walk with Vanessa and stop on the battlefield of the Gym inside. The bright moonlight shines through the sideline windows>

Zane: "Alright. I'm ready."

Vanessa: "Good." *Standing on the opposite end of the battlefield* "Let's get started."

Zane: "Wait, what? Vanessa?"

Vanessa: "You're looking at the Gym Leader, Zane."

Zane: *Shocked* "Woah! I wasn't expecting that! Why didn't you just tell me who you were?!"

Vanessa: "I saw some potential in you right as I bumped into you. I could tell that you have spirit and a knack for never quitting when things get a little tough. So, you ready for that battle?"

Zane: "Yeah!"

Referee: *Going to the middle of the sidelines* "This battle is between the challenger, Zane, and the Crescent Gym Leader, Vanessa! Each are allowed three Pokémon and can substitute at will! Is the challenger ready?!"

Zane: "Ready!"

Referee: "And the Leader...!"

Vanessa: "Ready!"

Referee: "Please select your first Pokémon!"

Vanessa: *Tossing a Pokéball* "Diglett, come on out!"

<A Pokémon with only its head showing from the ground appears. It looks around aimlessly>

Zane's Pokédex: "Diglett. The movement of these Ground Pokémon can be easily detected by their tracks of upturned earth."

Zane: "Cool. Alright." *Tosses a Pokéball* "Shinx, time to win this!"

<Shinx materializes and looks at Diglett. It growls at it viciously>

Amy: "Looks like Shinx's ready to go."

Holly: "All of Zane's Pokémon look ready to go."

Referee: "Let the battle begin!"

Zane: "Shinx, Thunderbolt!"

<Shinx sends a powerful stream of electricity at Diglett>

Vanessa: "Diglett, use Dig!"

<Diglett goes underground and disappears from the battlefield completely. Shinx looks around in confusion>

Vanessa: "Diglett, come back up and use Headbutt!"

<Diglett comes back up from underneath Shinx and smashes its head up from below. Shinx flies upward and crashes to the ground>

Zane: "Shinx, are you alright?!"

<Shinx stands up again and shakes off the dirt>

Zane: "Thunder Fang, Shinx!"

<Shinx charges at Diglett. Shinx's teeth begin to spark with electricity. It lunges at Diglett a second time, but, again, it goes underground and reappears on its side. This repeats over and over again>

Zane: "Come on, Shinx! I know you can do it! Bite Diglett!"

<Shinx spins around just as Diglett emerged behind it. Shinx lunges at Diglett and bites down, shocking Diglett>

Zane: "Alright! Way to go, Shinx!"

Vanessa: *Chuckling*

Zane: "What's so funny?!"

Vanessa: "Check your attack again, Zane."

Zane: "What?"

<Zane looks as the shock from Shinx's Thunder Fang did nothing against Diglett. Diglett shakes off Shinx and twitches its small pink nose a little>

Diglett: "Diglett!" (Yay!)

Zane: "Why didn't Thunder Fang do anything?!"

Vanessa: "I think you're forgetting the benefits of Pokémon type advantages. An Electric-type Pokemon like Shinx is no match for a Ground-type Pokemon like Diglett. Sorry to say this, but you've picked the worst Pokémon for this battle. Diglett, use Dig again!"

<Diglett goes underground again and rears up behind Shinx>

Vanessa: "Use Body Slam!"

<Diglett rams itself against Shinx from behind and smashes it into the ground of the battlefield. Shinx faints>

Referee: "Shinx is unable to battle! Diglett is the winner!"

Zane: "Shinx, return!"

<Shinx returns to its Pokéball. He puts it away and activates another Pokéball. He tosses it out and Oshawott materializes onto the battlefield>

Oshawott: "Osha! Oshawott!" (I'm ready! Let's go!)

Zane: "Alright. A Water-type should have a type advantage over Diglett being a Ground-type."

Holly: "Looks like Zane's finally getting it."

Amy: "I hope he does okay. Zane's probably losing some confidence in himself."

Zane: "Oshawott, Water Gun!"

Vanessa: "Use Dig!"

<Oshawott fires the water just as Diglett goes underground again. It misses and hits the ground. Oshawott lands and looks around for where Diglett went>

Oshawott: "Osha?" (What?)

Vanessa: "Diglett, come back up and use Sludge Bomb!"

<Diglett emerges in front of Oshawott and spits a purple sludge material from its mouth>

Zane: "Oshawott, Water Gun again!"

<Oshawott quickly spits water at the material, dissolving it and having the rest hit Diglett directly. Diglett takes a large amount of damage as it goes underground>

Zane: "Now's our chance! Oshawott, go up to one of those holes and use Water Gun!"

Oshawott: "Osha!" (Okay!)

<Oshawott runs to one of Diglett's holes in the ground and fires a huge amount of water into it. From below, water explodes from the holes across the battlefield, and finally leaving Diglett caught in a tsunami of water from below. Diglett emerges and faints>

Referee: "Diglett is unable to battle! Oshawott is the winner!"

<Diglett's returned to its Pokéball to rest. She smiles and looks at them as Zane and Oshawott cheer for themselves. She takes out another Pokéball from her belt>

Vanessa: "I must say, Zane, you and your Oshawott are quite the interesting pair. I'm very interested in how this battle will turn out."

Zane: "Me too."

Vanessa: "Then it's time to bring out my second choice!" *Tosses the Pokéball* "Nidoking, let's go!"

Zane's Pokédex: "Nidoking, the Drill Pokémon. Nidoking swings its large tail about to create distance, then charges in with the full force of its body behind it."

Zane: "We can beat it! Oshawott, Aqua Jet!"

<Oshawott runs at Nidoking and flies at it surrounded by rushing water>

Vanessa: "Iron Tail!"

<Nidoking's tail becomes covered in a shiny metallic coating as it spins around and smashes it against Oshawott. Oshawott flies off and smashes to the ground. It struggles to stand up>

Zane: "Oshawott!"

<Oshawott stands up as a powerful light emits itself from its body. It engulfs Oshawott, then fades with Oshawott's appearance completely changed>

???: "Dewott!" (Yeah!)

Amy: "Who's that Pokémon?"

Amy's Pokédex: "Dewott, the Discipline Pokémon, and the evolved form of Oshawott. Through rigid training, Dewott uses the double-scalchop technique to accomplish its fluid swordsmanship."

Zane: "Awesome! Oshawott evolved into Dewott!"

Vanessa: "Impressive. This will definitely be an interesting battle for sure. Now, Nidoking, Mega Horn!"

Zane: "Razor Shell, Dewott!"

<Nidoking charges at Dewott as its sharp horn begins to glow bright white. Dewott takes the shells that are on the sides of its legs and they glow as well. The shells soon shoot out two blades of glowing blue energy. Their attacks collide, expelling a wave of energy around them. Dewott and Nidoking push against each other desperately to gain the upper hand>

Zane: "Dewott, jump back and use Aqua Jet while Nidoking stays off-balanced!"

<Dewott nods and jumps back and puts its shells away. Rushing water surrounds its body as it pushes off the ground and crashes into Nidoking's chest. Nidoking slides back, but manages to maintain its balance. Nidoking smashes its large claws from above Dewott, causing it to crash into the ground. Dewott faints>

Referee: "Dewott is unable to battle! Nidoking wins!"

Nidoking: *Roaring*

Zane: "Dewott, return!"

<Dewott returns to its Pokéball as Vanessa decides to keep Nidoking out to continue. Zane thinks carefully about his next Pokémon to battle with>

Zane: *Thinking* What should I do? Her Nidoking's pretty tough. My best Pokémon is Axew now. "Alright! Axew, I need you!"

Axew: *Running out onto the battlefield* "Axew, ew, ew, Axew!" (I'm gonna with this, for master!)

Vanessa: "Ah, your Axew, huh? Very well. Nidoking, Mega Horn!"

<Nidoking charges at Axew with its glowing horn pointed straight at it>

Zane: "Axew, jump up and use Scratch from above!"

<Axew jumps above Nidoking and slashes it with its glowing claws. Nidoking rears back and stumbles to regain itself. Axew lands in front of Zane again>

Zane: "Dragon Pulse!"

<A ball of energy fires from Axew's mouth and explodes on Nidoking directly. Nidoking falls to a kneel>

Vanessa: "Nidoking, get up! Fire Punch!"

Zane: "Run at Nidoking and use Dragon Claw!"

<Axew jumps at Nidoking as its right fist became covered in fire. It throws a punch, but Axew jumps up and smashes its face with a glowing purple claw>

Zane: "Finish it up with Dragon Rush!"

<Axew smashes against Nidoking's chest with rushing energy surrounding its body. A huge explosion of dust and debris clouds the entire battlefield. It clears and Nidoking has fainted>

Referee: "Nidoking has fainted! Axew is the winner!"

<Vanessa returns Nidoking to its Pokéball and takes out her third and final Pokéball. She tosses it out>

Zane's Pokédex: "Rhyperior, the Drill Pokémon and the evolved form of Rhydon. Rhyperior can throw rocks at its enemies by tightening its arm muscles and launching them from the holes in its palms."

Vanessa: "We're both down to our last Pokémon. This is for your badge, Zane. Remember that."

Zane: "Right. Axew, Dragon Pulse!"

Vanessa: "Protect!"

<The energy balls smashes against the field that appeared in front of Rhyperior. The field disappears and the smoke clears with its body completely untouched>

Vanessa: "Rhyperior, Focus Punch!"

<Rhyperior charges at Axew in a full sprint as its right fist glows a bright white colors. It roars at Axew>

Zane: "Axew, Dragon Rush!"

<Axew charges up rushing energy and charges at Rhyperior as well. Axew jumps off the ground as Rhyperior throws its fist forward>

To Be Continued...

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