<Zane is first to spot Emerald City from atop a grassy hill. Axew and Eevee both see it as well and admire at how beautiful and large it is in the distance>

Zane: "There it is! Emerald City! Yeah!"

<Zane runs ahead as Amy and Arthur appear trying to catch up>

Amy: "Zane, wait up!"

Zane: "I can't wait! My first Gym battle is gonna be great!"

Arthur: *Looking at Amy* "He's sure excited about his first battle."

Amy: "Yeah. I'll say."

<Zane, Amy, and Arthur run through the front entrance and enter Emerald City. They marvel at the various Pokémon roaming the streets, flying high into the skyscrapers, and swimming in the ponds at the nearby parks>

Zane: "Woah. This place is so cool!"

Arthur: "Yeah. I've never seen so many Pokémon."

Amy: "I'm gonna go sign up for the Pokémon contest. Zane, will you be there to see me win?"

Zane: "You bet."

Arthur: "I'm gonna go check out those museums. Be back later."

<Zane, Amy, and Arthur go their separate ways. Zane walks through the streets and looks aimlessly around for the Gym. He's stopped by a holographic display with the map on it>

Zane: "Oh, a map. Just what I need. Now let's see..."

<He traces the route that he has to walk with his finger until stopping at a dot on the map with the name "Emerald Gym" displayed above it. He taps the dot and several windows of information appear on the screen>

Zane: "Awesome! Okay, so, the Gym Leader's name is Elaine. She specializes in Grass-type Pokémon. Nothing else is mentioned about how she fights or even what Pokémon she uses. Oh well." *Turning to Axew* "You ready, buddy?"

Axew: *Smiling* "Axew-ew-ew!" (I'm ready to fight!)

<Zane, after minutes of walking, arrives at the building. He marvels at the lush green grass growing all around the building, the trees placed evenly along both sides of the flower gardens leading to the entrance, and the wide variety of signs welcoming new challengers. He toughens himself up and runs toward the entrance>

Zane: *Thinking* My first battle with a really powerful Gym Leader! I can't wait!

<Zane bursts into the main lobby just as a Trainer and his Pokémon walk out, defeated>

Zane: "Hey, did you just fight Elaine?"

Trainer: "Yeah. We lost badly, though. She's just too strong for anyone. You should just turn back while you have the chance."

<Zane smiles and continues to the main entrance to the Pokémon ring. He enters and a massive crowd of spectators cheer and applaud loudly as Elaine celebrates another victory. He rushes to the other side of the ring and stomps his foot on the ground>

Zane: "Elaine, the Emerald City Gym Leader, I challenge you to a battle!"

Elaine: *Facing him* "Two challengers in one day? That's a new record. Alright, kid, I'll accept your challenge."

Spectator: "Take him down, Elaine!"

Spectator #2: "Make him wish that he never came here!"

Zane: "Sounds like you're pretty popular with the public."

Elaine: "Don't mind them. Are you aware of my ring policy?"

Zane: "I've heard that you do a two-on-two battle, right?"

Elaine: "You have been studying. Yes. Have you picked your choices?"

Zane: "I sure have." *Facing Axew and Eevee* "You guys ready to win?"

Both: *Excited cheering*

<They run out onto the field and stand at offensive poses. A cheering squad for Elaine arrives and cheers loudly for her>

Cheer Squad: "Elaine, don't you worry! You'll beat him in a hurry! Yeah, yeah, go Elaine!"

Zane: *Thinking* Does she seriously work better under all of this? I can't believe it."

Elaine: "I think I'll use my two best Pokémon for this battle. Shouldn't be too hard considering neither of your Pokémon have evolved yet." *Taking out two Pokéballs and tossing them into the air* "Sunflora, Sceptile, let's go!"

<Her Pokémon materialize on the battlefield>

Zane: "Woah. Those are some strong-looking Pokémon."

Zane's Pokédex: "Sunflora, the Sun Pokémon. This smiling Pokémon loves the sun, but it also needs plenty of water to ensure healthy development."

Zane's Pokédex #2: "Sceptile, the Forest Pokémon. Its arms are equipped with razor-sharp leaves, and it moves lightly through tree branches in order to attack its enemies."

Zane: *Putting it away* "Okay. We can do this."

Referee: "The battle between newcomer Zane and Elaine is about to begin! This battle will be between two Pokémon being ordered by their Trainers simultaneously! The match is over when both Pokémon are unable to battle! There will be no substitutions! Is the challenger ready?!"

Zane: "Yes!"

Referee: "And is the Leader ready?!"

Elaine: "Yes. I am ready."

Referee: "Then let the match...begin!"

Elaine: "Sunflora, Razor Leaf! Sceptile, use Quick Attack!"

<Sceptile speeds off straight for Eevee while Sunflora launches a barrage of razor-sharp leaves>

Zane: "Axew, Dragon Claw on Sceptile! Eevee, get close to Sunflora and use Take Down!"

<Axew's right claw glows as it speeds off straight for Sceptile. Eevee, in the same moment runs at Sunflora while dodging the sharp leaves heading toward it>

Elaine: "Not bad. Your Pokémon have got guts and heart. I'll give them that much. Sunflora, charge up your Solar Beam attack! Sceptile, finish Axew and provide Sunflora some protection!"

<Sceptile nods and Axew's Dragon Claw and its Quick Attack collide. Sceptile overpowers Axew's attack and hits it directly. Axew flies back and crashes to the ground near Zane. Sceptile speeds off and stands in front of Sunflora for protection>

Elaine: "Sceptile, Double Edge."

<Sceptile's arm grow sharp leaf blades. With clear precision, Sceptile slices Eevee with two powerful strikes. Eevee flies back and smashes into Axew as it struggled to stand up. Sunflora finishes drawing in sunlight energy. A glowing ball of white light appear in front of its face>

Elaine: "Now, Sunflora, Solar Beam!"

<Sunflora fires a massive beam of white light at both Axew and Eevee. It hits them directly and causes a huge explosion. When the dust finally settles, both Axew and Eevee have fainted>

Zane: "Axew, Eevee, no!"

Referee: "Both Axew and Eevee are unable to battle! The winner is Leader Elaine!"

Crowd: *Cheering and applause*

<Zane, later, sits on a bench in the park hours after his battle. Both Axew and Eevee snuggle up to him on both sides. He looks at the ground>

Zane: "I failed. I'm a terrible Trainer."

Axew: "Axew?" (Master?)

<Arthur walks up from behind and pats his shoulder. Zane doesn't look at him and continues his depressing stare at the ground>

Arthur: "Yo, Zane. How did it go?"

Zane: "I...lost. I didn't win."

Arthur: "Oh, Zane. I'm sorry. But hey, don't beat yourself up over it."

Zane: "I failed. I wasn't strong enough to beat Elaine."

Arthur: "Zane? Hey, let's go see Amy's final match."

Zane: "She made it into the final rounds?"

Arthur: "Yep. Let's go."

<Zane and Arthur arrive at the contest building and make their way to two seats in the middle rows. The host of the pageant stands up on stage and holds out a microphone>

Pageant Host: "Thank you all for coming! After several applicants, stunning performances, and amazing works of art with Pokémon and Trainer alike, we have finally narrowed down the competition to three finalists. Please give a welcoming round of applause to our first finalist: Candy..."

Candy: *Walking out and waving. Carries a Chikorita in her free arm*

Crowd: *Clapping and cheering*

Pageant Host: "Stunning! Our next finalist...Amy!"

Amy: *Running out and holding Cacnea* "Hi, everyone!"

Pageant Host: "And finally...our very own...Elaine, the Emerald Gym Leader!"

Elaine: *Walks out with Sunflora following next to her*

Zane: *Surprised* "Elaine?!"

Arthur: "I never would've thought that Elaine was a contestant."

Pageant Host: "Are we ready to see our finalists in action?!"

Crowd: *Cheering*

<Candy takes the stage first. She places Chikorita on the stage floor and brushes her blond hair back>

Candy: "Chikorita, Razor Leaf!"

<Chikorita launches several leaves into the air and turns it into the swirling tornado>

Candy: "Now, Magic Coat!"

<A transparent glass pane appears in a box around it. The leaves swirl around the glass box and carry it into the air. The box disappears and the leaves disperse. Chikorita falls back toward the stage>

Candy: "Seed Bomb!"

<Chikorita fires a large seed into the stage. It grows into a large flower that catches it as it lands>

Candy: "Finally, Sunny Day!"

<Bright sunlight appears and makes the flower and Chikorita sparkle>

Crowd: *Stands and cheers*

Pageant Host: "Amazing! Simply amazing! Let's see if our second finalist can top such a beautiful performance!"

<Amy appears on stage and looks at Cacnea. Cacnea looks at her and smiles>

Amy: "You ready, Cacnea?"

Cacnea: *Nods*

<Amy tosses Cacnea into the air. It lands back on the ground and raises its spiked arms into the air>

Amy: "Cacnea, use Needle Arm!"

<Cacnea's right arm glows. It jumps into the air and punches several times all around>

Amy: "Leech Seed!"

<Cacnea launches several seeds from its body and spreads them across the stage. They grow and form an intricate style of interconnecting vines and overlapping leaves. Cacnea lands on the vines and still uses its Needle Arm attack>

Amy: "Cotton Spore, Cacnea!"

<Several fluffy white spores emit from Cacnea's body. They spread all across the stage and pave the vines in them, forming a fluffy art piece>

Crowd: *Cheering and applause*

<Elaine goes through her performance and wows the crowd completely. The host stands on the stage>

Pageant Host: "Congratulations to all of our contestants for their astounding performances! The results are in, folks! And the winner is...Amy and Cacnea! Congratulations!"

<The crowds of people stand and cheer louder than before as Amy hugs her Cacnea tight. She waves to everyone and smiles wider than she has ever done before. After the contest, Amy meets up with Arthur outside the front of the building>

Arthur: "Congratulations on winning, Amy. You definitely deserved it."

Amy: "Thanks. Hey, where's Zane?"

<Arthur tilts his head over at a bench near the building. Zane sits on it and looks at the ground with a sad expression on his face. A few tears drop to the sidewalk in front of him. They both walk over and sit by him>

Amy: "Zane, what's wrong?"

Arthur: "Zane lost his match to the Gym Leader."

Amy: "Oh. Zane, I'm really sorry. But, you can't give up. You've just gotta keep trying."

Zane: "What's the point? If I can't even beat her Pokémon, then what hope do I have of beating others?"

Amy: *Standing up* "Zane, the reason you lost was not because of your Pokémon. It was because you had lost faith in yourself to lead them to win. You had doubts the minute you saw her Pokémon. A Pokémon can sense when their Trainer has lost faith in their abilities to lead them, and so those Pokémon won't fight as hard as they would've done before."

Arthur: "You have to believe in your Pokémon, no matter the opponent."

Zane: "I just don't have the ability to beat her."

Amy: "And whose gonna change that? You are. You can't give up. Arthur and I won't let you."

Arthur: "She's right, Zane. Now pick yourself up and try again. Axew and Eevee want to fight harder, but the only thing holding them back from doing that is you and how much faith you put into them and their abilities."

Zane: "You know what..." *Stands up and wipes away his tears* "You're right! I can't give up! I know I can beat her! I just have to believe in myself and my Pokémon!"

All: *Cheering and hug each other*

<The next day, Zane and his friends enter the battle ring at the Gym. Elaine stands at the other end and waves to her adoring, cheering fans. Arthur and Zane wait on the sidelines as Zane stomps his foot on the ring floor>

Zane: "Elaine, my name is Zane, and I challenge you to another battle!"

Elaine: *Facing him and putting a hand on her hip* "Haven't you learned your lesson yet?"

Zane: *Smiling* "I don't learn anything from losing. How about a battle to determine who will be teaching who the lesson?"

Elaine: "Fine. But let's make this quick. I've got autographs to sign." *Taking out two Pokéballs* "Sunflora, Sceptile, let's go!"

<Elaine's Sunflora and Sceptile materialize on the battlefield across from Zane. Zane sends out his Axew and Eevee again>

Elaine: "Axew and Eevee again? Are you that desperate to lose?"

Zane: "We'll just see who's gonna lose this time. Axew, Eevee, you ready?"

Axew: "Axew!" (Ready!)

Eevee: *Yelping*

Referee: "The same rules are as they stand! Two Pokémon will battle on the same field together. Substitutions are not allowed! Is the challenger ready?!"

Zane: "Ready!"

Referee: "Is the champion ready?!"

Elaine: "I suppose."

Referee: "Let the battle begin!"

Elaine: *Yawning* "Sceptile, end this little squabble with your Double Edge."

<Sceptile runs at both Axew and Eevee while its arms glow with two large blades made from its leaves>

Zane: "Axew, use Dragon Claw to block Sceptile! Eevee, follow behind Axew and charge up a Shadow Ball!"

<Axew runs at Sceptile with its claws glowing bright purple. Their attacks clash, and Axew barely manages to hold Sceptile's Double Edge attack back. Eevee jumps up from behind Axew and launches a Shadow Ball right at Sceptile's face. It explodes, sending Sceptile back onto Elaine's side of the field>

Zane: "Alright! Now that's what I call teamwork! Way to go!"

Elaine: "Sunflora, use Leech Seed to slow them down!"

<Sunflora launches several seed projectiles at Axew and Eevee. Eevee dodges them and runs at Sunflora in a hurried sprint. Axew rolls out of the way and runs at Sunflora>

Zane: "Eevee, Take Down! Axew, Dragon Rush!"

<Eevee dodges Sunflora as it tried to smack it with its leaf arms. Eevee smashes Sunflora into the ground, then sends it soaring into the air. Axew jumps up and charges a power stream of energy around it. It smashes into Sunflora from above, then sends it hurtling into the ground. It faints>

Referee: "Sunflora is unable to battle!"

<Sunflora's returned to its Pokéball. Sceptile stands up straight again as Axew and Eevee return to Zane's side of the battlefield>

Elaine: "You've gotten stronger since yesterday. I'm oddly impressed by how quickly you've recovered from your loss."

Zane: "I have great friends to help me get by."

Elaine: "Sceptile, Quick Attack!"

Zane: "Axew, get in front of Eevee and brace yourself for Sceptile!"

<Sceptile runs at a full sprint toward Eevee and Axew. Axew slides in front of Eevee and readies itself to hold Sceptile back. The glowing outline around Sceptile's body appears. It smashes against Axew; Axew barely being able to hold Sceptile back>

Zane: "Hang in there, Axew!"

Axew: "Ax...ew." (Okay...Master.)

Zane: *Thinking* Just a little further and I can end it.

Elaine: *Thinking* What does he have planned?

Zane: "Now! Eevee, Tackle Sceptile!"

<Eevee jumps over Axew's head and smashes into Sceptile's chest. Sceptile flies back and hits the ground hard. He faints as well>

Referee: "Sceptile is unable to battle! The winner is the challenger, Zane!"

Zane: "I did it?"

<Amy and Arthur run up to Zane from the sidelines and cheer and hug him. Axew and Eevee rush back to him and also join in his celebration>

Amy: "Zane, that was amazing! You did it! You won!"

Zane: "Alright! We did it!"

Crowd: *Cheering and applauding*

<A few hours have passed since the match. Zane stands in front of Elaine as the referee walks up next to her with a green case held in his hands. She smiles, opens the box, reaches in, and takes something out of it. He closes the box and walks away from them>

Elaine: "I have to say, Zane, you really surprised me with how fast you recovered from your loss the other day. How did you do it?"

Zane: "Let's just say I've got some really good friends that helped me out."

Elaine: "Fair enough. Well, with that performance, I'm sure you'll go on to become a great Pokémon Trainer. And for your victory, I'd like to give you the Emerald Oak Tree Badge."

<She holds out her hand and a shiny, emerald-green Oak Tree Badge rests in the center of her palm. He takes it and watches as the afternoon sunlight glistens off of its reflective surface>

Zane: "Alright! I won the Emerald Oak Tree Badge!"

<Zane, Amy, and Arthur wave goodbye to Elaine as they walk out the other entrance to Emerald City. As they travel down the road, Amy suddenly stops. They soon stop a few steps ahead of her>

Arthur: "Amy, something wrong?"

Amy: "Um, Zane, aren't you forgetting something that you left in the Pokémon Center when we first arrived?"

Zane: *Frantically looking around* "Ah, where's my egg?!"

<He makes a sprint back through the entrance and heads down the street toward the Pokémon Center in the middle of town>

Both: *Sighing*

Amy: "Zane never changes, does he?"

Arthur: "Apparently not when it comes to carrying things."

Zane: *In the distance* "I'm coming back for you, little egg!"