<Amy sits, with Zane's egg held firmly in her hands, on the sidelines in a pasture of grass while Zane and Arthur throw out their Pokéballs. Zane's Pokéball opens and his Oshawott materializes. Escavalier comes out of Arthur's Pokéball>

Arthur: "You ready to lose, Zane?!"

Zane: "Bring it on!" *Looking down at Oshawott* "You ready to win, Oshawott?"

Oshawott: *Excited cheering*

Arthur: "I"ll let you have the first move since you haven't used Oshawott in awhile."

Zane: "Hm, you're too kind. Oshawott, Water Pulse!"

Arthur: "Dodge it, Escavalier! Use your Double Edge!"

<Oshawott launches a sparkling water ball at Escavalier who slides out of its path. It explodes behind it, sending droplets across the field. Escavalier charges at Oshawott as its lance arms glow a bright white color>

Zane: "Oshawott, Aqua Jet!"

<Oshawott runs at Escavalier as water surrounds its body. It jumps from the ground and propels itself straight at Escavalier. Their attacks clash with Escavalier slowly being pushed back by Oshawott's Aqua Jet. Escavalier throws its arms back, knocking Oshawott high into the air>

Arthur: "Hidden Power, Escavalier!"

<A shiny white orb glows at the tips of Escavalier's lance arms as it brought them together. It launches at Oshawott, exploding into a large dust cloud. Oshawott reappears from the cloud and hits the ground. Oshawott stands back up with small bruises on its head and face>

Zane: "Oshawott, you okay to keep going?"

Oshawott: "Oshawott!" (Yeah!)

Zane: "Let's do it! Oshawott, Water Gun!"

Arthur: "X Slice, Escavalier!"

<A stream of water shoots out of Oshawott's mouth at the same time Escavalier charges at Oshawott with its glowing lance arms. A yellow mouse-looking Pokémon wanders into the middle of the ring and stares aimlessly around>

Zane: "Oh no!"

Arthur: "No! Escavalier, take the hit from the water gun! Get in front of it! Hurry!"

<Escavalier gets in front of the Pokémon and purposely gets hit by the attack. Escavalier flies back and hits the ground, barely avoiding the Pokémon>

Arthur: "Great work, buddy. Take a rest for awhile."

Zane: "You too, Oshawott."

<They both return to their Pokéballs to rest. The Pokémon sniffs the ground and sparks of electricity emit from the red spots on its cheeks>

???: "Pika?" (Huh?)

Zane: "What's that Pokémon?"

Zane's Pokédex: "Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon, and the evolved form of Pichu. Pikachu's tail is sometimes struck by lightning as it raises it to check its surroundings."

Zane: *Putting away the Pokédex and activating a Pokéball* "Alright. An Electric-type. I've never caught one of those before."

Arthur: "Not so fast, Zane. You've caught plenty of Pokémon for right now. It's my turn to catch one. That Pikachu is mine."

Zane: "Is that so?"

Arthur: "It sure is."

Zane: "Not if I catch it first!" *Throws the Pokéball* "Pokéball, go!"

<The Pikachu uses its thunderbolt-shaped tail to smack it. It flies back to Zane and hits him in the head. He falls on the ground as the Pokéball drops on his lap>

Zane: "Ow! Why did it do that?!"

Arthur: "Obviously it knows that it wants to be my Pokémon." *Throwing his Pokéball* "Go, Pokéball!"

<The Pikachu jumps up and balances itself on the ground with one hand. It jumps up by pushing off its hand and spinning its tail. The Pokéball flies back to Arthur and hits him to the ground>

Arthur: "Oh come on!"

Pikachu: "Pi! Pikachu!" (No! I won't go!)

Arthur: *Standing up* "Alright. Looks like I'll have to weaken it before I can catch it." *Grabbing another Pokéball and putting the other away* "Escavalier, let's get to work!"

<Escavalier materializes close to the Pikachu, startling it and causing it to run away into the deep forest>

Arthur: "Hey, get back here!"

<Escavalier and Arthur run off into the deep forest. Zane and Amy quickly trail after him. Arthur arrives just a few steps behind the fleeing Pikachu as it crossed into a clearing. As he gets there, he spots an entire pack of over fifty or so more Pikachu. Zane and Amy arrive about a minute later>

Zane: "Arthur, what's the..." *Looking at the size of the pack* "Woah. That's a lot of Pikachu."

Amy: "They're so cute! I want one!"

Zane: "Not before I get one!"

???: "Hold it!"

Zane: *Looking in the direction of the voice* "Who said that?"

<A young girl and her older brother run up to them. The brother picks her up and holds her in his arms>

Zane: "Who are you."

???: "I'm Keith. I'm a Pikachu Caretaker."

All: "Pikachu Caretaker?"

Keith: "Yes. All of these Pikachu came from all over the region. Some were wild and found their way here; others were abandoned by their owners and I brought them here; and some were left here until their Trainer came back to pick them up."

Zane: "Wow. You must have a lot of Pikachu."

Keith: "My older sister and I run the entire daycare ourselves. This is our little sister."

Amy: *Smiling* "Hi there. What's your name?"

<She hides her face from her and holds him closer to her>

Keith: "Sorry. Ashley is really shy around other people. These Pikachu are her only real playmates since I have to run the daycare."

Arthur: "Who's your older sister?"

Keith: "Lilith. She and I run the daycare. We haven't had the chance to play with Ashley ever since more people began leaving their Pikachu here."

Zane: "Looks like a lot of work for just the two of you."

Keith: "Well, Ashley is starting to help, but she's still too young to handle the Pikachu."

Amy: "We can help you."

Keith: "Really?"

Zane: "Yeah. We'd love to help Pokémon."

Keith: "Great."

<Keith takes them inside the daycare house where baby Pichu run around the play room and entertain themselves with the variety of toys, play places, and instruments>

Keith: "This is where the Pichu play for most of the day. Ashley is in charge of them because she's old enough to handle the babies."

<He takes them to a large room that connects to the back of the house. Several medical machines and medicine vials sit on tables around the room>

Keith: "This is the infirmary. We treat the Pichu and Pikachu here for any type of injury that you could think of."

<They all walk back outside. He sets Ashley down and she runs back inside to play with the Pichu in the play room. He looks at the pack of Pikachu as they wrestle playfully, eat and drink together, and chase each other around the field>

Keith: "That's about it. As for how to handle Pikachu, it's really simple."

Amy *Looking at a lonely Pikachu sitting on a rock in the corner of the field* "Keith, what's wrong with that Pikachu?"

Keith: "Oh. That Pikachu is still a mystery to both Lilith and me. We found it hurt in the forest about a week ago. So we brought back here, treated its wounds, and kept it here for safety. But it doesn't act like any normal Pikachu."

Zane: "What do you mean?"

Keith: "Pikachu are sociable, playful Pokémon. They love seeing others of their kind. That Pikachu, though, hasn't moved from that rock to play with its kind in the time that its been here. We've tried getting it to loosen up and play, but every time we try getting near it, it tries to attack us."

Amy: "That's so sad. We should try to help it."

Arthur: "We should get something that's shockproof to protect us first."

Keith: "You are all more than welcome to try. Let me know if there's anything that you need."

<He walks away from them and heads back inside>

Zane: "So, what's the plan here?"

Amy: "It's simple. We just need to show Pikachu that it's fun to run and play."

Zane: "And how are we supposed to do that?"

Amy: *Smiles and tosses out a Pokéball*

<Cacnea materializes and stretches out its spiky arms>

Arthur: "What are you gonna do?"

Amy: "Pikachu needs someone to play with. The best way for Pokémon to play are to battle."

Zane: "I'm not so sure about that, Amy."

Amy: "Trust me. I know that Pikachu will warm up to the idea after this battle. Cacnea, Pin Missile!"

<Cacnea fires off several sharp projectiles that head for Pikachu. At the last second, Pikachu jumps off the rock and floats in the air. A powerful ball of electricity charges and grows at the end of its tail. It flicks its tail and launches the ball at Cacnea. It impacts and explodes, knocking Cacnea to the ground. Pikachu lands and licks the yellow fur on its side>

Amy: "Cacnea! Quickly, return!"

<Cacnea returns to its Pokéball as Zane steps forward with a Pokéball in hand>

Zane: "Looks like you were right. Pikachu looks more energetic now that it has someone to challenge it. I'll play your game. And when I beat you, you join my team." *Tosses the Pokéball* "Go, Oshawott!"

<Oshawott materializes and growls angrily at Pikachu. Pikachu does the same back to Oshawott>

Zane: "Oshawott, let's start off with a Water Gun!"

<Oshawott fires a stream of water at the Pikachu. Pikachu dodges the water and sparks electricity from the red dots on its cheeks. Sparks of electricity hit Oshawott, knocking it to the ground>

Zane: "Oshawott, you okay?!"

<Oshawott stands up as smaller bits of sparks emit around his body. Oshawott can't move an inch of its body>

Zane: "What's going on?"

Arthur: "Electrical attacks, like a Pikachu's Thunderbolt, can leave an effect on Pokémon known as Paralysis. Oshawott can't move or attack."

Zane: "Aw, seriously?" *Takes out its Pokéball* "Alright then. Oshawott, return!"

<Oshawott returns to its Pokéball as the Pikachu growls angrily at them>

Arthur: "I don't think Pikachu's too happy with us attacking it like that."

Zane: "I think you're right."

<Electricity sparks from the dots on its cheeks again. They start to step away as more and more electricity collects in the dots. It unleashes a large bolt of powerful electricity that shocks all of them. The fall to the ground, their bodies sizzling from the impact>

Zane: "Well...that could've gone better."

Amy: "That really hurt."

Arthur: "Maybe this Pikachu just doesn't want to play."

Zane: "But you heard what Keith said. Pikachu love to play with their own kind. It can't just ignore that."

Amy: "Well, I can't think of any other way to get it to play."

Zane: "I know that there's something that it likes. I'm gonna figure that out, no matter how long it takes me."

<That night, Zane and his friends sit down with Lilith, Keith, and Ashley for a meal>

Amy: "Thank you for the meal."

Lilith: "Not a problem. Thank you all for helping around the center. It can sometimes be a big job for just me and Keith."

Zane: "Lilith, can I ask you something?"

Lilith: "Of course. What is it?"

Zane: "I'm worried about that Pikachu that sits on that rock while the others play."

Lilith: "Ah yes. I'm worried about that specific Pikachu, too. Trust me, we've tried every which way to get it to play with the others."

Arthur: "Have you thought about having Ashley try?"

Keith: "She's too young to handle a Pikachu. Especially a Pikachu that attacks anything or anyone that tries to get near it."

Ashley: *Quietly* "I can try."

Lilith: "Ashley?"

Ashley: *Louder* "I can try. I feel bad for the Pikachu."

Keith: "Ashley, we know you wanna try, but you're still too young to handle the bigger Pokémon. I'm sorry."

Ashley: "Please big brother, big sister, I wanna try to help that Pikachu. I know I can do it."

Lilith: *Looking over at Keith* "Well, what do you think?"

Keith: *Looking down at Ashley, then up at her* "If she's determined to try, then I guess we can let her give it a shot."

Ashley: *Cheering*

<The following day, Ashley, along with Keith and Lilith; also accompanied by Zane and his friends, stand in the grass field as the Pikachu sits atop the rock as usual>

Keith: "Are you sure you're ready to do this, Ashley?"

Ashley: "Yeah. I can do this, big brother."

<He nods and she starts to walk toward the Pikachu. When she's about ten feet away, it turns, growls, and begins intimidating her by sparking up electricity on its cheeks. Zane and his friends ready their Pokéballs to help her if something happens>

Ashley: "It's okay, Pikachu. I'm Ashley. I wanna be your friend."

<The Pikachu continues to growl and spark up more electricity in its cheeks, but it doesn't shock her. She stops about six inches in front of it and holds out a hand to pet it. The Pikachu starts to back away and bare its teeth more. Her hand touches its head and gently rubs it. Pikachu suddenly stops growling and sparking, and begins squeaking happily. It runs its head against her hand>

Pikachu: "Pi, Pikachu!" (This, is nice!)

Keith: "I don't believe it. It actually worked."

Lilith: "Guess we underestimated our little sister."

<The sun begins to set as the Pikachu head into a large stall building to rest. Keith, Lilith, and Ashley stand with Zane and his friends in front of the main care building>

Keith: "I can't begin to thank you all for your help in getting this Pikachu to start acting normal again."

Lilith: "We are in your debt now."

Zane: "Don't worry about it. We're happy to help."

Amy: "Well, since they're offering..." *Steps up to them with twinkly eyes* "Can I please have a Pikachu?! Please, please, please...!"

Arthur: *Grabbing her by the back of her shirt and yanking her away* "I think you've had enough fun with the Pikachu for today, Amy."

Amy: *Distant* "No fair! I want a Pikachu!"

Zane: *Nervous chuckling* "Sorry about her." *Kneels in front of Ashley* "Take good care of that Pikachu and it'll do the same for you."

Ashley: *Cuddling the Pikachu in her arms* "I will. I love my Pikachu."

<Zane smiles, nods at her, then walks with his friends as they head down the road leading into the plains again. The sunshine dwindles away into a soft orange glow, with Flying-type Pokémon soaring overhead>