Setting: The world stand still as many of the Pokémon of the world go about their daily lives in peace. A special Pokémon wanders the world and watches over the Pokémon in peace. Meanwhile, in another realm, a giant Pokémon of great power glides through the vastness of the empty realm with anger building within its heart. In the real world, a massive burst of energy begins to erupt from the ground and life begins to die off around the portal. It quickly disappears and sparks, getting ready to appear again.

<A shadow figure jumps from a cliff and lands on a boulder overlooking a clearing where Pokémon begin to run away from something off in the distance. Moonlight shines of the figure and it appears as the legendary Suicune>.

Suicune: What is this? Why are they running in fear?

<Humans run after the Pokémon and throws strange devices at them, catching them and locking them inside. Suicune watches in disgust at their behavior toward Pokémon>.

Suicune: "How dare they. They are not Humans worthy of having them."

<A small pack of Growlithe are all that remain from the fleeing attempt. The Trainers crowd and corner the small pack. One Growlithe stands on all four of its paws and growls angrily at them>.

Female Trainer: "Ha! This little Growlithe's trying to be a hero! How pathetic!"

Male Trainer: "Let's just catch them and be on our way."

<Before they can throw the strange devices that capture the Pokémon, a strike of blue lightning hits the ground between the Trainers and the Growlithe pack and forms a spiky wall of glistening ice. The Trainers look around for what caused the ice wall to form. Suicune lands behind them and throws rocks and dust around as it landed>.

Suicune: Leave those Growlithe alone. You will not take them from their friends and family.

Male Trainer #2: "Whoa! It's a Legendary Pokémon!"

Female Trainer #2: "Let's catch it!"

Suicune: You Humans never learn. Such a shame.

<Suicune fires an orb or blue energy at the Trainer and throws all of them into the sky. They fly hundreds of feet away and land in another part of the forest>.

Suicune: "How dare they mess with those that I swore to protect."

<Suicune walks up to the Growlithe pack and smiles down at them. The pack calm down and crowd around Suicune, thanking and licking it>.

Growlithe #1: "Thank you for saving us!"

Growlithe #3: "Yeah! Thank you so much!"

Suicune: " was no trouble. I simply will not stand for Humans who show no compassion and heart for wanting to have Pokémon as their partners. Those Humans would not have treated those Pokémon well. I just wish I could've stopped them sooner. So many were taken by them as a result of my lack of attention."

<Suicune walks away from the pack of Growlithe and emerges in another part of the massive forest. The maze of thick trees conceals most of the area around. Meanwhile, another part of the forest is swallowed by a portal that drains the life from everything and sucks in inside. The portal disappears once again>.