Setting: The battles between Aiden and Jessica seem to be getting more heated as their Pokémon supply starts to dwindle down to their final few Pokémon. Eventually, their final two Pokémon will battle and decide the greatest Pokémon Trainer in the world. Only one can win, so, who will it be?

<Excadrill's Focus Blast attack strikes Sylveon directly and knocks the ribbons off. Sylveon's tossed back and skids on its paws to a stop in front of Jessica. Excadrill returns to the ground and sharpens its claws again>.

Jessica: "I won't go easy. Not one bit, you know that."

Aiden: "I'd expect nothing less from you. I've wanted a real battle since I heard that you'd be entering this tournament. I fought as hard as I could so I could be the one to battle you. We promised to battle again and give it everything that we had. Now is the best chance to do just that."

Jessica: "You're right. So, don't go easy on me or feel bad for me if I lose, okay?"

Aiden: "I won't. Do the same for me, kay?"

Jessica: "Sure thing. Sylveon, attack with Iron Tail!"

Aiden: "Use Focus Blast again!"

<Sylveon attacks Excadrill with its glowing tail just as Excadrill grew a ball of energy in its hand and threw it. The attacks collide closely to both Pokemon and explode, resulting in both Pokemon fainting from the damage taken>.

Referee: "Both Pokémon are unable to battle! This round is a draw!"

Aiden: *Returns Excadrill and brings Aggron out*

Jessica: *Returns Sylveon and brings Blastoise out*

Referee: "Match begin!"

Aiden: "I've been waiting to even out the number of legendary Pokémon for awhile now! Aggron, Hyper Beam!"

Jessica: "It's going to be a harder fight that way! Blastoise, Hydro Pump!"

<Blastoise and Aggron fire their ranged attacks at each other. Both attacks impact and explode into a giant dust cloud that quickly blows away. The winds whips Aiden's and Jessica's hair around frantically>.

Aiden: "The final battle is going to be between our two strongest Pokémon. You already know mine, so I'm anxiously waiting to see yours, Jessica."

Jessica: "Don't worry. You'll see mine soon enough."

Aiden: "Fair enough. Aggron, Flamethrower!"

Jessica: "Water Gun!"

<Blastoise fires water from its twin cannons on its back as Aggron launches fire from its mouth. The attacks collide and create a large amount of steam that covers the field>.

Aiden: "Aggron, attack Blastoise with Iron Tail!"

<Aggron charges into the steam cloud and swipes Blastoise with its metallic tail. Blastoise recovers and fires water at Aggron, knocking it back>.

Jessica: "Hydro Pump again!"

<Both Blastoise and Aggron charge each other as Blastoise fires a huge amount of water from its twin cannons. Aggron takes the hit and pushes against it to attack Blastoise>.

Aiden: "Aggron, Hyper Beam one more time!"

<Aggron rushes through the Hydro Pump and stops in Blastoise's face. A beam of energy erupts from its mouth and hits Blastoise and explodes, launching back both Pokémon with enough force to smash them into the walls of the arena. Aggron emerges badly hurt and weakened, while Blastoise faints from the close-ranged attack>.

Aiden: "Nice work, Aggron."

Jessica: "Guess you beat me on that one. Alright, I see that you're not going to be easy. Let's try a new style of battling that I learned while traveling." *Returns Blastoise and calls out Altaria to battle now* "But that's not all I'm doing." *Exchanges the stones and touches the new one, Mega Evolving Altaria and increasing its strength and power*

Aiden: "Hm, Impressive. Guess Mega Evolving was something that you've learned how to use very well. In that case, I'll meet you there too." *Changes the stones and Mega Evolves Aggron* "This is Mega Aggron."

Jessica: "Being so big, I thought Aggron looked like a large tank for a minute."

Aiden: "Aggron's tough as a tank. Show me what Mega Altaria can do."

Jessica: "Gladly. Altaria, use Gust!"

<Altaira flaps its cloud-like wings and blows strong winds at Aggron. Aggron doesn't move and stands its ground where it is>.

Jessica: "Aggron didn't even move."

Aiden: "Heavy as a tank too. Aggron, Flamethrower!"

Jessica: "Dodge and use Hidden Power!"

<Aggron launches a massive amount of fire which Altaria flies out of the way of and fires a ball of energy at Aggron from the side. It hits and explodes, throwing Aggron across the ground. Aggron recovers and stands up again, roaring at Altaria>.

Aiden: "You're really making my Aggron angry. I don't think he likes that."

Jessica: "Guess it has a short temper. Altaria, use Hidden power!"

<Another ball of energy flies at Aggron. Aggron covers itself with its armored hands and takes the hit. The explosion disappears quickly and Aggron roars again>.

Aiden: "Told you. Aggron doesn't like it. Aggron, use Rock Smash!"

<Aggron smashes the ground and jumps into the air, grabbing Altaria and smashing it into the ground with an explosion of rocks and debris. Altaira emerges again and shakes the dust off of its body>.

Jessica: "Aiden. How long have we been friends?"

Aiden: "Since I can remember. Why do you ask?"

Jessica: "You've definitely changed since the last time that I saw you. I'm very happy to be having this battle with you and only you. Having it with someone else just wouldn't mean as much to me as this battle does. I actually feel excited to battle. Really excited. Thank you for that."

Aiden: "You're welcome. You've always given me a reason to better myself, so, I have you to thank for getting me to where I am now. Without you, I would never have made it this far. I want you to know that I will always be there for you, Jessica. Always."

Jessica: "Thank you..."

Aiden: "Anytime. Aggron, Hyper Beam!"

<A beam of pulsating energy fires from Aggron's mouth and spreads a huge amount toward Altaria>.

Jessica: "Altaria, use Protect!"

<Altaria covers itself with its cloud wings and creates a field that blocks the Hyper Beam and stops it completely. Altaira then uncovers itself again>.

Jessica: "Like I said, I won't make this battle easy on you. Altaira, use Dragon Rush!"

<Altaira rushes at Aggron and smashes into it with incredible energy surrounding its body. Aggron's thrown back and barely manages to recover. Suddenly, Aggron returns to its original form and collapses, fainting soon after>.

Aiden: "Aggron!"

Referee: "This round goes to Altaria!"

Jessica: "Hey, Aiden, what's say we make this match a little more interesting?"

Aiden: "I'm listening..."

Jessica: "How about we go two on two now? Up for it?"

Aiden: "Two on two, huh? Fine by me." *Grabs two Pokeballs and throws them out* "Go, Flygon, Greninja!"

Jessica: "I knew you couldn't resist it." *Throws a second Pokeball out onto the field* "Go, Entei!"

Referee: "If both sides are ready, then let the match begin!"

Aiden: "Greninja, use Water Pulse on Entei! Flygon, attack Altaria with Dragon Tail!"

<Flygon soars into the air and comes down from above with a glowing tail which it swings toward Altaria. Altaria dodges and flies higher into the air above Flygon. Meanwhile, Greninja launches several orbs of water at Entei who jumps and knocks them out of the way>.

Jessica: "Altaria, use Dragon Rush on Flygon! Entei, Flamethrower on Greninja!"

Aiden: "Greninja, Water Shuriken on Altaria; Flygon, use Flamethrower and block Entei's Flamethrower!"

<Entei blasts Greninja with a massive stream of fire from its mouth. Flygon dodges Altaria's Dragon Rush straight for it and use Flamethrower against Entei's Flamethrower. Both Flamethrowers collide and explode into a cloud of scorching fire. Greninja summons spinning blades of Shuriken made from water and throws them at Altaria. They hit and explode into water clouds. Altaria falls to the ground and struggles to stand again>.

Aiden: "Flygon, use Flamethrower on Altaria, and Greninja use Water Pulse on Altaria too!"

<Greninja jumps into the air and throws an orb at Altaria at the same time Flygon blasts fire at Altaria. Flygon's Flamethrower surrounds the water orb and creates a combo move heading straight for Altaria. Entei jumps in the way of the attack and roars at it, destroying the attack completely. Fire erupts from Entei's body>.

Jessica: "Nice work protecting Altaria, Entei. Use Fire Pledge!"

<Entei slams its two front feet into the ground and brings up geysers of fire heading for both Flygon and Greninja>.

Aiden: "Run through it and attack with everything you've got."

<Flygon and Greninja nod at each other and head into the field of fire geysers. Greninja barely keeps up with dodging the random geysers as Flygon flies through them as they erupt from the ground. The very ground is torn apart and lava erupts from beneath. The solid field is now split into rocky islands that float on top of boiling lava inches below their feet. Greninja stops on a rocky island and looks around finding no solid ground left. Flygon flies above and attacks Entei with Dragon Tail; Entei dodges and knocks Flygon far away. Flygon recovers and flies above the island with Greninja on it>.

Aiden: "Turning the field into your own advantage, huh? Impressive. You're not the only one that can do that, though."

<Entei and Altaria recover from any damage and race toward Greninja and Flygon. Flygon blocks Entei for Greninja and attempts to hit Entei with Water Pulse. Altaria stops Greninja by slamming into it with Dragon Rush. Greninja's dazed as it barely hangs onto the edge of an island. Flygon quickly rushes to Greninja and helps it to its feet again>.

Aiden: "My Pokemon won't let each other down. They have trust in their hearts! Flygon, Dragon Pulse!"

<Flygon fires a ball of energy at the island where Entei is standing. Entei jumps away as it hit and destroyed the island, sinking the rubble into the lava pond>.

Aiden: "Greninja, use Water Pulse on the lava and don't stop until I say! Flygon, protect Greninja with Dragon Tail!"

Jessica: "I don't know what you're planning to do, but I won't let you continue! Entei, attack with Fire Fang and Altaria attack with Steel Wing!"

<Altaria flies for Greninja while creating a metallic coating around its cloud wings. Flygon swoops in from above and smacks Altaria away from Greninja. Entei attacks from behind with fire igniting from inside its mouth. Flygon swings its tail around and lets Entei bite into it. Flygon grunts in pain as it throws Entei away>.

Jessica: "Your Flygon won't be able to defend Greninja forever! Keep using Fire Fang and Steel Wing!"

Aiden: "We'll see about that!"

<Greninja creates orbs of water and continuously throws them into the lava. Each ball that hits make a small amount of steam appear. Flygon valiantly forces both Altaria and Entei back with its Dragon Tail attack. Finally, a huge cloud of steam engulfs the arena and blinds everyone to what is happening on the battlefield>.

Jessica: "Your plan was to make steam appear?"

Aiden: "Yep. Flygon, fly into the air and use Gust to drag the steam with you!"

<Flygon deactivates its Dragon Tail and flaps its wings creating currents of wind that spin the steam around it. It soars into the air and brings all of the steam trailing behind it>.

Aiden: "Now bring it back down!"

<Flygon flies straight down and slams the steam into the lava pond, instantly cooling it into hard rock. Greninja jumps onto the hard rock and cheers>.

Jessica: "So that was your plan. To cool the lava floor off so you could gain the support back from solid ground. Impressive plan."

Aiden: "Thanks. Using the field to your advantage threw me off for a minute, though. Great work on that. Now then, back to beating you. Flygon, Flamethrower on Entei and Greninja attack Altaria with Water Shuriken!"

<Greninja speeds off and attacks Altaria by throwing Water Shuriken at it. Altaria crashes to the ground and hits a boulder. The boulder cracks and rips to pebbles. Altaria faints. Flygon blasts Entei with fire; Entei dodges and runs at Flygon to bite it. Greninja jumps into the way and takes the attack. Entei throws Greninja into the ground and Greninja faints as a result>.

Referee: "Both Greninja and Altaria are unable to battle!"

Aiden: *Returns Greninja* "You were amazing. Thank you for protecting Flygon like that. I know that Flygon really appreciates it."

Jessica: *Returns Altaria* "You were wonderful in that battle. Take a rest for awhile, okay?"

Aiden: "Flygon, let's show that Greninja didn't sacrifice itself for nothing!"

Flygon: *Nods at Aiden*

Jessica: "Entei, finish Flygon off with Flamethrower!"

Aiden: "Dodge it!"

<Flygon flaps its wings and barely dodges the stream of fire heading toward it. Entei suddenly appears above Flygon and uses Flamethrower again. Flygon is hit directly and crashes to the ground>.

Aiden: "Flygon!"

<Flygon manages to hang on and stumbles out of the impact zone from where it hit. It shakes off the dirt and gets back into the air again>.

Aiden: Flygon beating Entei with its speed isn't going to be an easy match. If I want to beat Entei, I'll have to make Flygon faster that it.

Jessica: It'll be easy to bring Flygon down. Flygon's already damaged and can barely keep itself in the air for much longer. Just keep the pressure on them. "Entei, Fire Fang!"

<Entei jumps from island to island and opens its fire-filled mouth to bite Flygon>.

Aiden: "Flygon, use Double Team!"

<Flygon suddenly copies itself multiple times and Entei bites into a copy, exploding it in a puff of white smoke. Entei lands and looks around at the copies to find the real one>.

Aiden: "Flygon, use Dragon Tail with everything that you have left!"

<Flygon flies in from the side and smashes Entei in the face with a tail that's twice as big as the original Dragon Tail that it uses. Entei tries to stop, but Flygon throws its body into the momentum and rockets Entei through several boulders until its stopped by the arena protective wall on the other side of the battlefield. Entei falls down from the wall and faints>.

Referee: "Entei is unable to battle! Flygon and Greninja win this round!"

Aiden: "Way to go, Flygon!"

Jessica: *Returns both Altaria and Entei and throws two new Pokeballs out* "Deoxys, Palkia, come on out!"

Aiden: "Palkia: The Master of Time?!"

Jessica: "That's right."

Aiden: "Flygon, you should return for now."

Flygon: *Shakes its head*

Aiden: "Flygon, there's no way that you can possibly beat both Deoxys and Palkia. Even if I brought out another legendary to help you. You'd just end up getting hurt."

Flygon: *Shakes its head again and readies to fight*

Aiden: "Guess I can't keep you from fighting if you want to. Alright then. Flygon, attack Palkia with Dragon Tail!"

<Flygon flies at a high speed toward Palkia just as Deoxys suddenly teleported in the way and forged a barrier that stopped Dragon Tail completely. Deoxys throws Flygon back with incredible force using the barrier. One of Aiden's Pokeballs opens and Rayquaza appears; catching Flygon and stopping it from smashing into the wall of the arena>.

Aiden: "Rayquaza? But, I didn't call you out. How did you...?"

<Rayquaza looks down at Flygon and notices how badly hurt Flygon is from the battle before. Rayquaza becomes furious and gently puts Flygon on the ground. Rayquaza fires an enormous beam of energy from its mouth at Deoxys and explodes into a colossal cloud of pure power and destruction>.

Aiden: "Rayquaza. You used Hyper Beam..."

<Rayquaza charges both Deoxys and Palkia with determination and pure anger in its red eyes>.

Jessica: "Deoxys, block Rayquaza and Palkia, finish Flygon off with Mega Punch!"

<Deoxys blocks Rayquaza with a large barrier as Palkia swoops down from above with a powerful punch heading for Flygon who is still lying helplessly on the ground>.

Aiden: "Flygon, get out of there!"

<Flygon tries to move, but its unable to take flight anymore. It watches as Palkia closes in from above to hit it with Mega Punch>.

Aiden: "Flygon, hurry!"

<Rayquaza becomes enraged and quickly flies back to Flygon as fast as a speeding bullet. It smashes into Palkia's Mega Punch with its Dragon Tail and knocks Palkia away from Flygon. Before Palkia can recover, Rayquaza wraps around Palkia and unravels, quickly throwing Palkia into Deoxys, then the ground in front of Jessica. Both recover and watch as Rayquaza hovers above Flygon with rage filling its eyes deeply>.

Aiden: I've never seen Rayquaza look so angry before. Is it protecting Flygon because they are close friends? Rayquaza...

<Rayquaza's suddenly hit by a stream of fire and a Psybeam, which both explode and knock it to the ground. Palkia and Deoxys quickly attack from above and leave no time for Rayquaza to counterattack them or block the attacks>.

Aiden: "Rayquaza!"

<Suddenly, Flygon emerges and uses Dragon Tail to block both Palkia and Deoxys' attacks. The three attacks collide and grind against each other. Rayquaza looks up as Flygon defends it from the attacks. However, Flygon only stops the attacks for a few seconds before its launched into the ground and impacts the ground with enough force to crack the ground several feet downward>.

Aiden: "Flygon!"

<Rayquaza floats to Flygon and sees Flygon embedded into the ground. Flygon's fainted from the sheer force of the impact alone>.

Referee: "Flygon can no longer continue battling!"

Aiden: *Returns Flygon and holds its Pokeball firmly in his hands* "You did great out there. You held strong and protected Rayquaza, just like with Greninja. You truly are an amazing partner to have. Please rest for as long as you'd like." *Throws a new Pokeball out onto the field* "Go, Suicune!"

Referee: "Match begin!"

Aiden: "Rayquaza, use Hyper Beam! Suicune, Ice Beam!"

<Rayquaza soars into the air and Suicune jumps up and runs the length of Rayquaza's snake body until jumping off the top of its head and firing a series of blue lightning streams at Deoxys and Palkia. Rayquaza fires a beam of powerful energy at them as well>.

Jessica: "Brace for it!"

<Deoxys changes forms into its Defensive form as Palkia covers itself with its wings. The Ice Beam collides with both Pokemon just as Hyper Beam hit and exploded both of them. They emerge from the attacks somewhat damaged, but far less than it would have been>.

Jessica: "Deoxys, use Psychic and Palkia use Earth Power!"

<Palkia smashes the ground and rips up several boulders that fly at Rayquaza and Suicune. Deoxys' eyes glow a blue color as Suicune's suddenly thrown into the air before being slammed into the ground with amazing force and power. Rayquaza coils itself and tries to protect itself from the boulders. The boulders hit its tough skin and scrape it badly. Rayquaza emerges again and picks Suicune up from the ground. Suicune recovers and shakes off the damage taken from Psychic>.

Aiden: "We won't give up that easily. We'll be the last one standing, no matter what! Rayquaza, Flamethrower! Suicune, Water Pulse!"

<Suicune jumps from the levitating boulders and charges an orb of water in its mouth. Deoxys floats on the far side and fires Psybeam at Suicune. Suicune dodges by jumping from the boulders and fires the orb at Deoxys. A boulder rises from below and takes the impact of Water Pulse. The boulder cracks and becomes pure dust, but Deoxys is unharmed. Rayquaza blasts Palkia with fire from its mouth and knocks Palkia to the ground. Palkia roars and emerges from the ground again>.

Jessica: "You'll have to battle harder then if you want to beat me! Deoxys, Psybeam! Palkia, use Spacial Rend!"

<Palkia condenses energy until it creates a ball of pure time and space in its hands. It throws it at Rayquaza and hits it directly. A series of portals open and unleash explosions that throw Rayquaza into the ground. Rayquaza manages to fly again and roars at Palkia. Deoxys fires Psybeam at Suicune who dodges and smashes into Deoxys' chest, knocking it back. Suicune lands on all four of its feet and uses Ice Beam to freeze Deoxys solid inside a thick block of ice>.

Aiden: "Got it!"

Jessica: "Deoxys, break out and attack with Shadow Ball!"

<Deoxys destroys the ice around it and quickly throws a ball of dark energy at Suicune. Suicune jumps and dodges, landing beside Rayquaza again. Palkia rejoins next to Deoxys on Jessica's side of the field>.

Aiden: "No more playing around. Suicune, Water Pulse! Rayquaza, Hyper Beam!"

Jessica: "I agree. Deoxys, Shadow Ball! Palkia, Dragon Pulse!"

<Suicune jumps onto Rayquaza as they fly toward Palkia and Deoxys. Suicune jumps from Rayquaza and charges Water Pulse at the same time Rayquaza charges Hyper Beam and Deoxys fires Shadow Ball; Palkia also launching Dragon Pulse. Hyper Beam, Water Pulse, Shadow Ball, and Dragon Pulse all fire at each other at the same time>.


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