<Zane, Amy, Arthur, and Holly walk through the forest first thing in the following morning. A series of forest Pokémon awaken and come out of their beds to begin feeding on the grass and fruits growing all around. Zane picks Axew up from his shoulder and reaches it high to grab the fruit up above. Axew takes a berry from a tree and munches on it>

Amy: "Everything is beautiful today. Pokémon are just waking up to start their days."

Zane: "Speaking of Pokémon, Arthur, I wanted to give all of the Pokémon that I won off of you back. You worked hard to catch them, and it wouldn't be right of me to take them."

Arthur: "Are you sure, Zane?"

Zane: "Definitely. You worked hard to catch them, so it would be wrong of me to keep them even after you won. Besides, I've already got twice the amount of Pokémon that I had to begin with, so now I'm gonna catch more on my own."

Arthur: *Nods, smiles, and takes the sash of Pokéballs back* "Thanks, Zane. That's very generous of you to do for me."

Zane: "It's just like you said. We're best friends, so I've always got your back."

Arthur: "Thanks."

<They arrive in an unusual part of the forest and stop to rest. Zane sits against a tree and falls asleep while Holly plays with Tyranitar. Amy looks up from her backpack and watch her play>

Amy: "Hey, Holly?"

Holly: "Yeah?"

Amy: "I was wondering about you and Tyranitar..."

Holly: "Oh. Of course. What do you want to know?"

Amy: "I'm just curious about how you got to be such good friends."

Holly: "Easy. I rescued Tyranitar when it was still a Larvitar. I helped treat its injuries with my mom and then I began to battle with it. After about a year, Larvitar evolved in Pupitar. Then, another two years later, Pupitar evolved into my Tyranitar right here. We've been best friends for that entire time."

Amy: "Wow. Three years?"

Holly: "Yep."

<Tyranitar begins to look around the trees for something. It walks away from her>

Holly: "Tyranitar, what's wrong?"

Arthur: "Something's wrong."

Amy: *Looking at Zane* "Zane, Zane wake up."

Zane: *Opening his eyes and sitting up* "Huh? What's going on?"

Holly: "Tyranitar just wandered off into the forest."

Zane: *Standing up and taking out a Pokéball. Throws it into the air* "Swablu, I need you!"

<Swablu materializes and flies down to the ground. It looks up at him>

Swablu: *Chirping*

Zane: "Swablu, I need you to find Tyranitar and lead us to it."

<Swablu nods and flies off through the canopy of the forest. About ten minutes pass before Swablu returns to them>

Zane: "Swablu, did you find anything?!"

<Swablu nods and flies in the opposite direction. The pack everything up and chase after Swablu from the ground>

Holly: "I hope Tyranitar's okay."

Zane: "I wouldn't be too worried about that. Tyranitar's a massively strong Pokémon. Who would want to mess with that kind of power from a Pokémon?"

<They stop in a clearing and they spot Tyranitar as it stands in the middle of the large clearing. It stands there in what seems like a trance>

Holly: "Tyranitar!"

Zane: *Taking out a Pokéball* "You did a great job, Swablu. Come back for now."

<Swablu returns to its Pokéball as Holly runs up to get Tyranitar. She places a hand on its arm to grab its attention>

Holly: "Tyranitar, what happened to you back there? Is there something bugging you?"

<In a second, Tyranitar looks down at Holly and licks her face to greet her>

Holly: *Laughing* "Come on, stop it! That tickles!" *Pets its faceplate* "I was worried about you."

Zane: "That's weird. Why would Tyranitar come here if nothing was luring it here?"

Arthur: "I don't see those Team Amber guys around, so it's not them."

<A ball of dark energy flies at Holly from the side. She screams and covers her face with her arms. Tyranitar gets in front of takes the impact directly. Tyranitar shakes it off>

Holly: "Thanks for protecting me."

Tyranitar: *Growling*

Zane: "What was that?"

Amy: "Looked like someone or something isn't happy with us to be here."

Arthur: "My guess is that an angry Pokémon isn't happy with us tailing after Tyranitar."

Zane: "Alright, who's out there?!"

<A floating Pokémon appears from thin air and looks at them>

Zane: "Woah. I've never seen a Pokémon like that before."

Zane's Pokédex: "Misdreavus, the Screech Pokémon. Misdreavus are extremely mischievous and like to cry out at night just to startle people."

Zane: "Sounds like my kind of Pokémon. Axew, Dragon Pulse!"

<Axew jumps from his shoulder and launches the ball of energy at Misdreavus. Misdreavus turns intangible and dodges the attack completely. Its eyes glow a bright red color, and Axew becomes unable to move>

Zane: "Axew! What's wrong with Axew!"

Arthur: "Misdreavus used Leer on it."

Holly: "Tyranitar, Flamethrower!"

<Tyranitar launches a large stream of fire at Misdreavus. Again, Misdreavus turns intangible and avoids the attack completely. It fires another dark energy ball, hitting Tyranitar directly with it>

Misdreavus: *Loud screeching*

<Misdreavus launches another dark ball at Tyranitar, but it ducks under it and uses its Flamethrower attack again. Misdreavus is hit and falls to the ground. It fades away and vanishes from sight>

Holly: "Everyone okay?"

Zane: "Yeah. Axew?"

Axew: *Shaking its head* "Axew-ew-ew!" (I'm alright!)

Zane: "What was that about anyway?"

Arthur: "I'm not sure. But I bet someone in that house over there might be able to tell us." *Pointing at the house*

<The group head to the house through the forest and stop a few feet from the front door>

Amy: "Looks kinda creepy."

Arthur: "Must've been here for years."

Zane: "It looks abandoned."

Arthur: "Zane, you and I will head inside and look around. Holly, Amy, stay out here in case someone walks by."

Zane: "Aw man. Do I have to?"

Arthur: *Grabs his shirt and drags him along* "Yes. You do."

Zane: *Grunting and thrashing around* "Hey, let me go! Man!"

Amy and Holly: *Giggling*

<They walk inside the house and stand in the main hallway. A cold breeze of air brushes against them. Zane shivers in his shoes>

Zane: "Why is it so cold in here?"

Arthur: "I'd have to say that the trees surrounding the house are creating a barrier of cold winds that keep coming back inside the house. I bet Misdreavus loves being in cold, dark places like this house. Probably a lot of Ghost-type Pokémon live here."

Zane: "Awesome. I've always wanted to catch a Ghost-type Pokémon."

<Several other Ghost-type Pokémon appear in front of them>

Arthur: "Now might be your chance."

Zane: "Alright. Axew, Dragon Pulse!"

<Axew fires a ball of energy at the Pokémon. A screen of light appears, bouncing the ball back and hitting Axew directly. It explodes, causing Axew to crash against a wall>

Zane: "Axew!"

Arthur: "Light Screen?!"

<The Pokémon charge up several Shadow Ball attacks and launch them at Zane and Arthur>

Both: *Screaming*

<The balls explode, shattering the front of the house and launching them onto the ground in the front yard>

Amy: "Zane, Arthur!"

Holly: *Kneeling beside them* "Are you alright?!"

Zane: *Sitting up with Axew in his chest* "Yeah. We're okay."

Amy: "What happened?"

Arthur: "Guess the Pokémon weren't too happy with us trespassing on their home."

Zane: "Did they have to cause the entire living to explode, though?"

<They both stand up as the Pokémon from inside come out and charge up more Shadow Ball attacks. Zane and Arthur bring out a Pokéball for each of them. Before they launch their attacks, another Pokémon appears and blocks their line of sight. They cause the balls to disappear>

Zane: "Woah." *Pulling out his Pokédex*

Zane's Pokédex: "Mismagius, the Magical Pokémon. Mismagius chants incantations, and while some cause misery, some give happiness as well."

Amy: "What's Mismagius doing?"

Holly: "I think it's...talking to them."

Mismagius: *Chanting*

Arthur: "That sounds like chanting."

Zane: "Chanting?"

Holly: "I've heard that Mismagius has chants that can bring both misery and happiness, depending on the chant that it performs."

<Mismagius turns to them and floats down in front of Zane>

Zane: "Um, hello."

<Mismagius begins to float away. As it floats away, it gestures them to follow it. The other Pokémon disappear from sight>

Zane: "I think it wants us to follow it."

Arthur: "Well, let's go. Maybe it needs our help with something."

Zane: "Right. Let's go see."

<Mismagius leads them through the dense forest until stopping in a secret graveyard sight. The group stops at the entrance as Mismagius flies around the scattered tombstones>

Zane: "A graveyard?"

Arthur: "Looks like its been here for decades."

Amy: "But why would it bring us here?"

Zane: *Walking through the entrance* "Looks like Mismagius wanted us to come here for something."

<Mismagius moves over to a special tombstone and floats above it. They collect around it. Zane kneels down and reads what is inscribed on the stone>

Tombstone: Here lies Danny, a man who loved all Pokémon; small and big. A confident Trainer, leader, husband, and father.

Amy: "Was Danny...Mismagius's Trainer?"

Arthur: "Likely that's the case."

Zane: "Mismagius, I'm so sorry that you lost your Trainer."

???: "Hello?"

<Mismagius gets startled and turns everyone intangible. A woman enters the graveyard's front entrance with a bouquet of purple flowers cradled in her arms>

Zane: "Who's that?"

Holly: "I'm not sure."

???: "I thought I heard someone." *Walks to the tombstone and places the flowers down in front of it* "Dad, I really miss you. I wish you could've lived long enough to see my daughter being born. I love you, dad."

<Tears run down her cheeks as she cries into her hands. They look at each other, then back to the woman>

Zane: "That must be Danny's daughter."

Amy: "She looks so sad."

Zane: *Looking at Mismagius* "Mismagius, make us visible, please."

<Mismagius nods and makes every tangible once again. The woman jumps, falling to the floor in complete surprise>

???: "Who...who are you all?!"

Zane: "Please just calm down. We're traveling Pokémon Trainers and we just happened to meet Mismagius here. It showed us this graveyard sight, and, well, we're all terribly sorry for what happened to your father."

<She stood up and looked at Mismagius. She gave a smile while standing up, brushing herself off of the dirt>

???: "That's alright. I'm sorry for not being more approachable in the first place. My name's Hannah."

Zane: "Nice to meet you. I'm Zane..."

Arthur: "I'm Arthur..."

Amy: "My name's Amy..."

Holly: "And my name's Holly. Very nice to meet you."

Hannah: "Thank you all for coming here to pay respects to my dad. I know that it means a lot to him. Mismagius, thank you for looking after our old house for all these years."

Zane: "You used to live here?"

Hannah: "Yeah. I moved away about fifteen years ago to raise my daughter. My father passed away shortly after my move away."

Amy: "What was he like?"

Hannah: "My father always loved to watch Pokémon with fated breath. Everyday, while I was growing up here, he'd take me outside and we'd watch the wild Pokémon in their own habitats for hours on end. He always found a bright side to any grim situation."

Zane: "He sounds like a guy that I could've talked to about Pokémon."

Hannah: "He sure was that way. My mom was always working away from home, so I rarely saw here home. Dad was always talking to her over the phone and through the visual screens, but, to him, it wasn't the same thing like actually being with her again."

Both Holly and Amy: "Awww."

Hannah: "I knew that his age would have eventually gotten to him, but I had just hoped that he would've lived forever. I really miss him."

<That afternoon, Hannah and Mismagius stand across from Zane and his friends in the front yard of the abandoned house>

Hannah: "I should be getting home."

Zane: "Have a safe trip home, Hannah. I just know that your dad loves you and is watching over you right now."

Hannah: *Smiles* "Thank you, Zane. Zane, I wanted to ask you something important..."

Zane: "Sure thing. What is it?"

Hannah: "I wanted to ask if you'd like to allow Mismagius to accompany you."

Zane: "Really?"

Hannah: "Of course. You're a very mature, responsible Trainer. I just know that Mismagius will be safe traveling along with you."

Zane: "Sounds great. How about it, Mismagius? You wanna join our group?"

Mismagius: *Nodding*

Zane: "Great!" *Taking out a Pokéball* "Pokéball, go!"

<The Pokéball bounces off of Mismagius's head and opens, bring it inside. It wobbles on the ground a few times before stopping. He picks it up>

Zane: "Alright! I caught Mismagius!"

Axew: *Jumping* "Axew!" (Yay!)

<Zane and his friends head down the dirt path, exiting the forest, and continuing onward toward Crescent City; which can be seen in the far distance>