<Zane and his egg rest comfortably on a small hill as Arthur and Amy set up for a small gathering to eat. Amy looks over at Zane while he sleeps>

Arthur: "You can go ahead and sit by him if you really want to, Amy. I can handle everything from here."

Amy: "Huh? No, no, I'm fine. I was just making sure that Zane's egg was okay. I'm surprised it hasn't hatched yet."

Arthur: "Eggs are tricky. They sometimes take lots of time to hatch. But I know that once it hatches, Zane will raise it as well as all his other Pokémon."

Amy: "Yeah. He is pretty great at that."

<After some time passes, Zane eats with his friends while all of their Pokémon share the food prepared just for them. Zane looks at some of his Pokémon differently than he's looked at them before>

Arthur: "Zane? Something wrong?"

Zane: *Turning back to face them* "Huh? Oh, it's nothing to worry about."

Amy: "Are you sure? I mean, you seem distracted by your Pokémon."

Zane: "I'm just...worried is all."

Both: "Worried?"

Amy: "Why are you worried about your Pokémon?"

Zane: "I would've thought that at least a couple of them might have evolved by now. We've been through so much, and the next city's Gym Leader isn't going to be easy."

Arthur: "Pokémon evolve when they feel their at the limits of their current power. They evolve to increase the amount of power that they can have within them."

Zane: "I'd just like to see even one of them evolve."

Amy: "You have to remember that once a Pokémon evolves, it can never go back to its original form. Also, it's behavior completely changes once it's evolved."

Zane: "I guess there is no rush."

Arthur: "Exactly. Your Pokémon will evolve when they feel they need to become stronger."

<After finishing their meals and packing, they head out through the plains again. Zane stops and spots a new Pokémon grazing in the meadow nearby>

Zane: *Taking out his Pokédex* "A new Pokémon?"

Zane's Pokédex: "Blitzle, the Electrified Pokémon. Blitzle catches electricity and stores it in its mane, which glows when the electricity is discharged."

Zane: "*Putting away his Pokédex and taking out a Pokéball* "Alright. Let's catch us a new Pokémon." *Tossing the Pokéball* "Sewaddle, I choose you!"

<Sewaddle materializes and chatters excitingly for a battle. The wild Blitzle rears its head up from the patch of grass it was grazing on and gives an annoyed snort of air from its nostrils. It gets into a fighting stance as small sparks of electricity jet out from its mane>

Zane: "It's an Electric-type, huh? Good. I needed one for my team. Sewaddle, let's start this off with a String Shot to slow it down!"

<Sewaddle jumps into the air and launches a series of sticky string projectiles from its mouth. Blitzle dodges them and shoots a strong bolt of lightning from its body. Sewaddle is hit directly, falling to the ground>

Zane: "Sewaddle, are you okay?!"

<Sewaddle struggles to stand up again. As it gets up, its body emits a bright light>

Zane: "What's going on?!"

Arthur: "I think Sewaddle's evolving!"

Amy: "Evolving?!"

<The light fades and Sewaddle's appearance has completely changed>

Zane's Pokédex: "Swadloon, the Leaf-Wrapped Pokémon and the evolved form of Sewaddle. Swadloon's body is covered in leaves which protect it from the cold. In forests where Swadloon live, the trees and grass grow very well."

Zane: "Awesome. Sewaddle evolved into Swadloon."

<Blitzle runs at Swadloon>

Zane: "Swadloon, jump into the air!"

<Swadloon jumps into the air, dodging the charging Blitzle. It looks around, confused at where Swadloon had run off to>

Zane: "Alright, Swadloon, let's try an Energy Ball attack!"

<From above, Swadloon charges a glowing orb of dense energy at its mouth. Swadloon launches the orb, hitting Blitzle from above. Its knocked back, but manages to recover just as Swadloon returns to the ground. Blitzle now stomps its front right hoof on the field of grass, charging up more and more electricity into its white mane>

Arthur: "Zane, be careful! Blitzle's charging up a power electric attack!"

Zane: *Thinking* What can I have Swadloon do to avoid it? Come on, there's gotta be something. Wait, that's it! "Swadloon, encase yourself in as much string as you can!"

<Swadloon obeys and surrounds itself inside a medium-sized ball of sticky string. Blitzle unleashes a powerful stream of electricity, hitting the string ball, but causing nothing to happen>

Zane: "Alright, it worked! Swadloon, use Bite to gnaw your way out of the ball! Then hit Blitzle with a Tackle attack!"

<Swadloon uses its mouth to bite away at the string ball. It breaks open, allowing Swadloon to exit it. Swadloon charges at Blitzle, crashing against it, and knocking Blitzle to the ground. It's breathing heavy as small jolts of electricity spark around its black and white, stripped fur. Zane takes out an empty Pokéball and tosses it at Blitzle. It bounces off, opens, and brings it inside. After some wobbling after landing back on the ground, it stops and sits completely still>

Zane: *Running and picking up the Pokéball* "I did it! I caught Blitzle!"

Amy: "Arthur, I don't understand something about the battle."

Arthur: "What's that?"

Amy: "Why did Blitzle's electric shock not affect Swadloon's string ball?"

Arthur: "Electricity can only pass through things that can conduct it well enough. Swadloon's string ball was made of silk, which doesn't conduct electricity all too well. And based on how dense Swadloon made it, it would've protected it without so much as a scratch."

Amy: "Oh. I guess Zane's getting smarter about his battles, huh?"

Arthur: "I'd say so."

<The group takes another break and relaxes in the field. Zane brings out Blitzle and introduces himself, and his other Pokémon, to it>

Zane: "Blitzle, I'd like you to meet the rest of my team. You're a part of it now."

Blitzle: *Excited neighing*

<Zane relaxes against Blitzle's stomach (as Blitzle fell asleep on its side) and huddles close to it. Meanwhile, Arthur and Amy sit together and look over a large, holographic map being displayed on Amy's pink-colored Pokédex>

Amy: "So, where's the next closest town?"

Arthur: "Hard to say. But if I had to guess, the next place for us to stop by would have to be in this town. It's called Beechwood Town."

Amy: "Why do they call it that?"

Arthur: "From what I'm reading here, it was founded by a man named Thomas Beechwood. He was famous for his studies on Pokémon behavior and he even helped founded the research center there."

Amy: "Cool. So, Beechwood Town it is, then. We should probably get walking. It looks kinda far."

Arthur: "Yeah. It'll take a couple days on foot just to reach it."

Amy: "I'll go wake up Zane and tell him the plan, then. Be right back."

<She walks over to Zane as he rests against Blitzle's stomach. She taps his shoulder, but he shrugs it off. She taps again, but the same result happens>

Amy: *Taking out a Pokéball* "Cacnea, come out please."

<Cacnea materializes and jumps for joy at seeing her>

Amy: "Cacnea, can you do me a favor and give Zane a little prickly pinch?"

<Cacnea nods and pokes Zane with one of its sharp needles. Zane shoots into the air before landing on his back to the ground. He sits up, rubbing his butt in pain>

Zane: "What was that for?!"

Amy: "I was trying to wake you up, but you were too busy sleeping."

Zane: "Jeez, all you had to do was try a little harder."

Amy: "Yeah, but doing that was much more satisfying."

<She returns Cacnea to its Pokéball and offers a hand to help him up. Zane takes it and stands up, cracking the bones in his back as he stretches out>

Zane: "So, what's going on?"

Amy: "Arthur and I found our next stop."

Zane: "Awesome. Where are we heading?"

Amy: "Beechwood Town. It's about a days walk from here. Maybe two if we don't start walking now."

Zane: "Well then, let's get going." *Taking out a Pokéball* "Blitzle, return."

<The beam of red light brings Blitzle back inside the Pokéball. He clips it to his belt as he grabs Axew, placing Axew on his head>

Zane: "You ready to go, buddy?"

Axew: "Axew, Axew-ew." (Yeah, I'm ready.)

<Zane, Amy, and Arthur start off on their walk as the sun continues to shine brightly in the sky. He looks around and marvels at all of the other Pokémon grazing and playing in the fields nearby>

Zane: "Wow..."

Amy: "Don't even think about it, Zane. We don't have time for you to go Pokémon shopping today."

Arthur: "Besides, Zane, you'll likely have to put one of your Pokémon away for storage."

Zane: "Huh, storage?"

Arthur: "Yeah. Pokémon Trainers can only have a total of six Pokémon on them at any time."

Zane: "What?!"

Arthur: "Yep. Sorry, I thought you knew."

Zane: "But I don't want to put any of my Pokémon away into storage. Not when they can be far more useful out here."

Arthur: "Then I guess the only other way for you to be able to keep all of your Pokémon is by buying a Pokésash."

Zane: "A Pokésash?"

Arthur: "It's basically a carrying sash that can hold a total of ten extra Pokémon. As long as you have that with you, you can carry more Pokémon on you personally."

Zane: "Great. So where can I get one?"

Amy: "First of all, do you even have money?"

Zane: *Hanging his head* "No."

Arthur: "Don't worry about that, Zane. We'll be stopping by Beechwood to pick up some supplies for our trip. I'm sure I can spare a few extra bucks to pay for a sash for you."

Zane: "You'd really do that for me?"

Arthur: "Course."

Zane: *Hugging him and crying* "Thank you, Arthur!"

Arthur: *Prying him off* "Yeah. Don'"

<The following day arrives and they arrive in Beechwood Town. It's a bustling settlement with plenty of friendly people and Pokémon alike, and a plentiful supply of markets to shop at>

Arthur: "This should be a perfect place to get some supplies for our next trip."

<Arthur and Zane walk to the Pokémon Trainer's Store to purchase the sash while Amy walks around the market to gather food and other necessary supplies for their next journey>

Store Cashier: "Hello there, boys. How can I help you?"

Arthur: "Hi there. Sorry to intrude, but, we're just looking for a Pokésash."

Store Cashier: "Oh, of course."

<She exits from behind the counter and walk over to a blank wall. She taps on a small screen and waits as the wall opens. Several detailed and colored sashes appear hung identically and evenly-spaced between each other>

Zane: "Wow. There are so many kinds."

Arthur: "Go ahead and take your pick, Zane."

Zane: "Thanks, Arthur. I promise to pay you back for this."

<He points to a black and green-trimmed sash. She takes it down and gives it to him. He slides it over his head and clips it so it hugs his chest firmly, but also comfortably>

Arthur: "Looks like a good fit for you, Zane."

Zane: "I love it. This is the one, ma'am."

Store Cashier: "Excellent. I'm glad you like it. Let's get that rung up for you."

<After some time passes, they regroup with Amy at a small park. She smiles and admires Zane's new sash>

Amy: "Wow Zane, you look great in that."

Zane: "Thanks. And now I can hold ten extra Pokémon."

<He clips Blitzle's Pokéball to the sash and straightens it out over his chest>

Zane: "Fits like a dream."

<Off to the side where the patch of dense trees are, he hears a slight rustling coming from the tree leaves overhead>

Zane: "Hello? I someone over there?"

<A small Pokémon with white and gray fur hops out of the tree leaves and scratches its big ears while resting on a tree branch>

Zane: "Woah. Another Pokémon." *Takes out his Pokédex*

Zane's Pokédex: "Minccino, the Chinchilla Pokémon. Minccino loves shiny things and will use its tail as a brush to clean any objects that are dirty."

Zane: *Putting away the Pokédex and grabbing a Pokéball* "Alright. Time to-"

<Amy slides next to him, butting him out of the way and making him fall to the ground. She throws out her Cacnea and readies an empty Pokéball>

Amy: "Sorry Zane, but that little thing is just too cute to not have it be mine. Plus you've caught enough Pokémon for a little while. How about letting me and Arthur have a try?"

Zane: *Sighing and standing up* "Go for it I guess."

Amy: "Right. Cacnea, Pin Missile!"

<Cacnea fires streaming projectiles from its thorny body. They head straight for Minccino. Minccino jumps down from the tree branch and dodges the Pin Missile attack. It runs at Cacnea and begins slapping it with both of its tiny paws>

Arthur: "Looks like Minccino's Double Slap attack. It's not half bad."

Amy: "Cacnea, get away from Minccino and try a Leech Seed attack!"

<Cacnea dodges a single slap attack and jumps away from Minccino. It sends a barrage of seeds at Minccino. Minccino runs in a "zig-zag" fashion, running through the hail of seeds. Minccino gets up close to Cacnea again and causes its tail to glow a shiny, metallic color. It smacks Cacnea with it, knocking Cacnea against the trunk of a nearby tree>

Amy: "Cacnea! Cacnea are you alright?!"

<Cacnea stands up again and readies another fighting position>

Arthur: "Amy's Cacnea sure is trying a lot harder than I've ever seen it before."

Zane: "Yeah. I've never seen it fight like that before. Awesome."

Amy: "Cacnea, Needle Arm!"

<Cacnea charges up its right arm and runs at Minccino. Minccino tries to dodge, but Cacnea's arm smashes against its small body. Minccino hits against the ground, then stops at a tree>

Amy: "Pokéball, go!" *Tosses the Pokéball*

<The Pokéball hits Minccino's body and opens. Minccino goes inside the Pokéball. It goes to the ground, rocks around, then stops. She smiles and grabs the Pokéball>

Amy: "Yay! I caught Minccino!"

<They relax in the park at a resting area. Amy looks at the Pokéball that she used to catch Minccino in>

Zane: "Amy, you've been looking at Minccino's Pokéball ever since you got it."

Amy: "I can't help it. Minccino is the second Pokémon that I've caught. I love it so much."

Arthur: "Sometimes Pokémon Trainers get really excited about catching Pokémon. Amy's one of those people."

Amy: "I love my Minccino."

Arthur: *Setting a plate of cooked food down in front of her* "Try to focus on eating, too."

Amy: *Setting Minccino's Pokéball on the table* "Okay, fine."

<They sat at the table and ate while their Pokémon played around the park. In the distance, on top of a building, three Team Amber members watch them closely>

Amber Observer: "See them?"

Amber Observer #2: "Yeah. They're resting in the park."

Amber Observer: "Good. Let's get them while they're distracted." *Taking out a transmitter device* "Everything is set up here. Get Team Two in there."

Transmitter: "Rodger." *Hangs up*

<The quiet scene around them changes to a loud rumbling beneath their feet. A large drill shoots up from beneath the table, destroying it, and sending all of them scattering across the ground. Zane sits up from the ground as all of his Pokémon go to comfort and check on him>

Zane: "Don't worry, everyone. I'm alright."

<They stand up as the large drill folds aside and reveals a clear control cabin section of the machine. Four operators of the machine sit with two front and two sitting directly behind them. Several arms and legs emerge from both sides of the machine and lift it off the ground>

Amber Operator (front): "We've got you now!"

<One of the machine's many arms reaches to grab Zane. Blitzle pushes Zane out of the way and is grabbed instead>

Zane: *Getting up again* "Blitzle, no!"

Blitzle: *Scared yelping*

Zane: "Let go of Blitzle! Right now!"

Amber Operator #2 (front): "Not a chance, kid! We'll just be taking all of your Pokémon."

<More of its many arms reaches and manages to take Oshawott, Axew, Cyndaquil, Swadloon, Cacnea, Escavalier, Minccino, and Eevee. The arms raise them into the air and all of the Pokémon begin to scream and cry in fear>

Arthur: Put our Pokémon down!"

Amy: "Leave them alone!"

<An arm races to grab Zane. He closes his eyes, waiting to be grabbed. Cranidos emerges and smashes its head against the palm of the hand>

Zane: "Cranidos?!"

Amber Operator #4 (back): "That little runt of a Pokémon thinks that it can hold back this machine of pinnacle engineering? Ha!"

<They increase the force of the hand against Cranidos. It struggles to maintain its balance and grip on the ground. Its feet begin to slide backward>

Zane: "Cranidos, it's too much! Get out of there!"

<Cranidos's body begins to emit a bright light from it. It grows bigger, and completely changes in appearance. It's menacing eyes open and dilate; while its mouth closes tight. It begins to push the massive machine backward>

Amber Operator (front): "What's going on?! Why are we going backward?!"

Amber Operator #4 (back): "I don't know! How is that puny Pokémon pushing the entire machine back?!"

Zane: *Taking out his Pokédex* "What happened to Cranidos? Did it evolve?"

Zane's Pokédex: "Rampardos, the Head Butt Pokémon, and the evolved form of Cranidos. Its Headbutt attack is so powerful that it can pulverize even the sturdiest of objects with one hit."

Rampardos: *Roaring*

<Rampardos knocks the hand back and causes the entire arm to break off. The machine grinds across the ground until stopping against a thick tree. Rampardos smashes its feet against the ground, letting out a loud roar>

Zane: "Awesome! Cranidos, I mean, Rampardos!" *Runs up and hugs it* "You evolved!"

Rampardos: *Rubs its head against his lovingly*

Zane: *Standing beside Rampardos* "Alright, Rampardos, let's save everyone else!"

Rampardos: *Roars*

Zane: "Rampardos, Zen Headbutt!"

<Rampardos runs at a full sprint toward the machine as the top its head head begins to glow a bright blue color. They operators inside finally recover just as Rampardos charges them>

All: *Screaming*

Amber Observer #3 (back): "It's coming right at us!"

Amber Observer: "Let's see it stop all of these!"

<All of the remaining arms of the machine form a shield in front of the control room. Rampardos smashes its head against them and pushes with all its strength against it. The treads of the machine push against Rampardos at the same time>

Zane: "You can do it, Rampardos!"

Rampardos: *Roaring*

<Rampardos's head crashes through the arms and smashes against the control room window, shattering it and causing all of the Pokémon to be released from the arms. The machine explodes and sends the four Amber members soaring off through the air. The evening arrives and they relax together. Zane hugs Rampardos>

Zane: "You were amazing out there, Rampardos."

Rampardos: *Rough purring*

Arthur: "Congrats on having Cranidos evolve, Zane."

Zane: "Thanks. It's just like you said, I guess my Pokémon will evolve when they're ready to go beyond their normal limits."

Arthur: "Exactly. Sewaddle and Cranidos had such a love for you that they wanted to become stronger for you."

Amy: "So, um, where are we heading now?"

Arthur: "Oh yeah. We should find the next Gym Leader for Zane."

Amy: "Don't forget my next competition."

Zane: "Right. So, where should we head?"

Amy: "I was asking around the market and there's a Gym Leader is Crescent City."

Arthur: "Crescent City, huh? I think that's where they hold the Moon Festival."

Zane: "Moon Festival?"

Arthur: "It's a celebration of the Full Moon Festival held every year to honor the moon and its powerful influence on the city. There's a legend that a pair of mysterious Pokémon show up only on the night of the festival to deliver joy and prosperity to the city."

Zane: "Sounds awesome! We have to go!"

Amy: "Yeah. It sounds like fun."

Arthur: "Alright. Let's go, then."

<Zane runs excitingly out of the town as they follow up close behind>


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