Arthur's Spoink was caught by Arthur during the first day of the Pokémon Catching Competition. It was a tough catch in his remark because of Spoink's ability to bounce around with its spring tail.


Arthur's Spoink

Background Edit

(No notable history available)

Attacks Edit

  • Shadow Ball
  • Psywave
  • Bounce
  • Secret Power

First Appearance Edit

Spoink first appeared in:

Episode Seventeen: The Case of the Forgotten Klink!

Evolution (Grumpig) =Edit

Grumpig XY061

Arthur's Grumpig

In "Episode Thirty-eight", Spoink had taken severe damage from a horde of wild Zangoose who used Shadow Claw, it had stopped bouncing and was dying for one minute, until Arthur's tears revived Spoink, and as a result evolved into a Grumpig. He learned Power Gem and Psychic which allowed it to defeat the Zangoose.