Amy's Minccino

Amy's Minccino was caught by Amy during the group's supply stop in Beechwood Town. It is her second Pokémon that she has officially caught.

Background Edit

Minccino was a wild Pokémon that took refuge in one of Beechwood Town's many parks. It was encountered by Trainer Amy during a meetup with her friends: Zane and Arthur. After a battle between Cacnea and Minccino, Minccino was caught.

Attacks Edit

  • Double Slap
  • Iron Tail
  • Covet
  • Charm
  • Hyper Voice

First Appearance Edit

Minccino made its first appearance in:

Episode Eight: An Evolution Solution!

Evolution (Cinccino) Edit

Horatio Cinccino

Amy's Cinccino

As of "Episode Thirty-three", She evolved into Cinccino when Liam's Shiny Stone got dirty and when she tried to clean it, she ended up evolving into a Cinccino much to Amy's delight and Liam blushed in modestly then Amy blushed herself. Zane noticed this, and secretly said something about Amy having a crush.