Amy's Cacnea was caught in the forest with some help from Trainer Zane. Cacnea was caught by Amy who plans on becoming a world-renowned Pokémon Entertainer.


Amy's Cacnea

Background Edit

Cacnea was caught after a battle between Zane's Axew, Sewaddle, and Oshawott. After being beaten, Amy caught Cacnea and now plans to go to Emerald City to compete in her first official competition.

Attacks Edit

  • Pin Missile
  • Needle Arm
  • Cotton Spore
  • Leech Seed
Trainer Amy
Cacnea's Trainer
Vital statistics
Title Pokémon Entertainer
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction N/A
Health Healthy
Level Beginner
Status Training
Location Traveling

First Appearance Edit

Cacnea's first appearance was in:

It's a PokéWonderful World!

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