This page is for tracking and organizing the series of Aiden's Journey throughout the newly discovered Opole Region. Only episodes of Aiden's Journey will appear here for purposes of organization and formality only.

Opole Region Starters​Edit

Pokemon 7th Generation Fire Starters

Opole Fire Starter

Pokemon 7th Generation Water Starters

Opole Water Starter

Pokemon 7th Generation Grass Starters

Opole Grass Starter

Pokemon (Aiden) Edit

  • Litorse(may evolve in "Episode Six")
  • Charizard
  • Redcary(may evolve in a future episode)
  • Icpola (may evolve in a future episode)
  • Shroomish(Shiny) (at the Professor's Lab for some research)
  • Swirlix(may be caught in "Episode Six")
  • Klink(may be caught in "Episode Six")

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