Preview: Aiden encounters the Shroomish from before, and realizes its determination and strong will to follow him. He values the Pokémon and decides to capture it to bring along on his journey. But, as with any battle in the wild, it takes cunning and skill. Does Aiden have the ability to prove himself capable of capturing wild Pokémon like he has done so many times in the past?

​<Aiden relaxes in a large grass field as Flying-type Pokemon soar overhead. The sunlight shines brightly on his face as he sleeps. A noise further away causes him to open his eyes and look into the direction of the noise. In the distance, he spots a familiar Pokemon form some time ago>

Aiden: "Not you again."

<Aiden walks across the field and stops some distance away from Shroomish>

Aiden: "Shroomish, is there a particular reason that you're following me?"

<Shroomish jumps up and down in a frantic manner. Aiden sighs and sits on the grass in the same spot that he had been standing before>

Aiden: "Shroomish, do you want me to capture you? I already have a Shroomish, and another that evolved. But, I do like your determination and your resolve in following me for as long as you have." *Stands up and smiles* "I suppose I owe you an official battle." *Activates a Pokeball and tosses it out; Litorse appears onto the field* "Are you ready, Shroomish?" *Shroomish readies itself to battle* "Alright. You can have the first move then." *Shroomish jumps into the air and fires seeds as projectiles* "Litorse, dodge and use Impact!"

<Litorse jumps into the air seconds before Bullet Seed hits. Fire erupts from Litorse and turns it into a falling inferno. Impact hits Shroomish and explodes, throwing Shroomish against a tree in the background. Litorse slides back and shakes off the recoil, snorting small plots of ember from its nostrils>

Aiden: "Litorse, charge Shroomish with Impact, then follow with Flare Helix!"

<Shroomish recovers and glows bright green. As Litorse charges Shroomish, fire ignites in front of Litorse. Shroomish jumps at Litorse and hits it with its body. Litorse glows green and feels completely drained of its energy>

Aiden: "Drain"

<Litorse recovers and ignites its Impact attack again. Impact hits Shroomish into the air, and a giant tornado of fire appears around Litorse's body. The tornado sucks Shroomish into it and causes Burn damage to take effect. Shroomish is slammed into the ground several times before being thrown again into the same tree from before. Shroomish slides down the trunk and crashes to the ground. Litorse returns to Aiden's side as Shroomish faints from the damage taken>

Aiden: "Put up a good fight. I appreciate a Pokémon that puts all of its strength into a battle. Never holding back. That's what I like most." *Returns Litorse and activates an empty Pokeball. Walks to Shroomish and kneels down in front of it* "Shroomish, I wanna welcome you to the team. I'm proud to battle you." *The Pokeball bounces off of Shroomish and opens, pulling it inside and closing. The ball wobbles around before stopping, indicating Shroomish being captured. He picks the device up from the ground and smiles* "Welcome. I promise that you will become very strong."

<As he continues his walk through the forest, he stops by a odd-looking tree and stares at it extensively>

Aiden: "I never knew a tree could grow like that. The Opole Region does have some interesting detail to it that I never saw in my journeys through the other regions."

<His wrist device begins to emit small signals and flashing lights. Holding it up, he taps the display and brings up a holographic display of Jessica in front of him>

Aiden: "Jessica?"

Jessica: "Aiden! I finally got through to you! It took a long time to get this code to work."

Aiden: "Hm, you never were good with technology."

Jessica: "Hey, not cool, Aiden!"

Aiden: *Smiles* "It's good to finally talk to you again, Jessica. It's been a couple months since we last talked."

Jessica: "It's good to see you, too. How are you doing since we last talked?"

Aiden: "I've been exploring new places in the Opole Region. It's a really amazing place to be."

Jessica: "I can't wait to finally visit it. I'll be arriving there in four more months."

Aiden: "Not giving me too much time to train, are you?"

Jessica: "Not really. Oh. I was meaning to ask you about making any new friends since being there."

Aiden: "Not really. There's this one kid that I keep running in to. But he's on his own journey. Same with me."

Jessica: "Always the loner. I might not be good with technology, but you're even worse with people."

Aiden: "Whatever. I can't have people traveling with me. They'd just get in my way."

Jessica: "What about me? Could I travel with you if I was able to?"

Aiden: ""

<Aiden catches the sight of a strange Pokémon and waves goodbye to Jessica before hanging up. He sighs with relief before standing up>

Aiden: "That Pokémon didn't look like any I've seen in this area yet. I should investigate it."

<Aiden holds his watch to the Pokémon and displays an image of it>

Brianna: "Kokurai, the Spark Trickster Pokémon. Kokurai generate electricity through their fur while hopping. If startled, their fur can be changed to large spines to repel enemies."

Aiden: "Interesting. I think Kokurai would make a great addition to the team." *Throws a Pokeball and Litorse appears* "Litorse, let's win this battle."

Litorse: "Litorse!" ("Right!")

Aiden: "Litorse, use Impact!"